Aeronautical Pentathlon
Release time:2017-09-17 15:26:01    Source:CISM official websitebsitefont-size:AAA

The Competition is Military Aeronautical Pentathlon (MAP), which consists of a flying contest and sport contest.

The Sport Contest consists of the following events: shooting, fencing, swimming, ball event, obstacle run, and  orienteering. Every competitor has to take part in the whole sport contest.

The flying contest is, however, a special contest. If a nation for a certain reason (economy, flight safety, technical or similar) is not able to take part in the flying contest, the nation nevertheless could be permitted to start in the sport contest.

If there are not sufficient numbers of nations taking part in the flying contest, or it is not possible to arrange the flying contest at the same time or in the same area as the sport contest, MAP can be organized without the flying contest.