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In 1948, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands initiated the process that saw the birth of CISM. A year later in 1949, the 1st World Military Sailing Championships was hosted by France, in Brest. The 2nd World Military Sailing Championship was hosted by Denmark in Copenhagen.

There has been a World Military Sailing Championship every year since 1949 (with the exception of 15 years) making this sport one of the few sports that holds regular championships. Since 2000 there have been countries representing each of the continents at the championships and the number of countries participating has averaged 20 per event.

In 1954, two CISM sports disciplines, namely, naval pentathlon and sailing, were combined and formed a new CISM sport discipline, Sea Week. From then on to 2000, Sea Week was presented almost every year. Sweden hosted Sea Week 8 times whilst Italy, Greece and the Netherlands have each hosted this event 4 times. Other countries that have hosted Sea Week include Italy, USA, Argentina and Norway.