Track and field
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Admitted in 1946 by the General Assembly of the Allied Forces Sports Council, the first international military championship was organized by the United States in Berlin in 1946. Seven countries took part, and more than 100,000 spectators applauded the first champions at the Olympic stadium.

In the past several decades, each member country of CISM had organized its own national military championships. It’s hard to keep track of all the athletes who distinguished themselves on these occasions.

The best examples of these establishments were the 100m world record established by Williams and Murchison at the 1956 CISM Track and Field championship; the discus throw world record obtained by Silvester at the 1961 CISM championship where 13 teams were present; and the record participation (31 teams) at the track and field championship held in 1987 in Warendorf, Germany.

In this way, the double objectives of CISM were realized: to promote mass sports, and improve quality through closer international contacts.

The track and field championship is basically organized every two years, under the patronage of the CISM.