Olivier Verhelle, the project manager for the CISM, told our journalist, "Wuhan is the best city to host the 2019 Military World Games because of the city's capacity and its people's enthusiasm for sport."

During his visit to Wuhan on March 27 and 28 with A-Hakeem Al-Shino, the president of the CISM, he realized that the citizenry was very supportive of Wuhan's bid. "It seems that all the citizens in Wuhan are welcoming 2019, which made us to be sure that Wuhan will be the right choice."

"During our visit to Wuhan, we visited its Olympic Complex. There, I was surprised to see that there were so many young people playing table tennis and badminton. We started to play with them." He said that he was pleased to see that in addition to the military sports complexes, Wuhan has 88 high-quality sports facilities. ”While Wuhan's sport facility is surprising, but what impressed me most is the citizens' interest in sport.”