Continuing on the theme of "The essence of using force is to stop violence," the closing ceremony of the 7th Military World Games concluded at the Wuhan Sports Center on the evening of Oct. 27. The application of advanced sound, lighting and electric technologies made the closing ceremony just as spectacular and impressive as the opening one, yet with more Jingchu culture and Han art. The closing ceremony was comprised of two chapters.

In the first chapter "We are together," Bingbing and mascots of the previous CISM Military World Games, danced and sang regional and ethnic songs.

The second chapter was called "Beautiful Wuhan Welcomes You." Bingbing brought his partners to travel around Wuhan with global guests. They explored and experienced Jingchu culture as well as modern aspects of the city. The performances showcased Hubei elements, including Han Opera, hanfu and the chime bells.

The Han Opera, a traditional Wuhan folk art, is one of the national intangible cultural heritages. A total of 60 performers from Wuhan Han Opera Theater displayed the 10 roles of Han Opera. Puppet performers from the People's Art Theater of Wuhan entertained the audience with a large puppet show named "The Millennium Ode." Dressed in hanfu, a kind of ancient Chinese apparel, the artists and puppets performed Han rituals to show the splendid civilization of China, a nation of courtesy and propriety. Gentle dances and the heavy sounds of the chime bells and drums were integrated into performances named the "Jianjia" (a famous poem in "Classics of Poetry") and "Jisi" (meaning worship), revealing the features of traditional Chinese culture which combines power with softness.

The CWG flame was extinguished afterward, bringing the games to a close, but the memories and friendships made at Wuhan Games will live on.

(Reporter Wan Xuming, Liu Shu & Wang Xiangli) [Editor NIE Yang]