Wuhan to host 2019 Military World Games
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In Kuwait, at 6:08 P.M. (11:08 P.M. Beijing time) on May 21, the International Military Sports Council (Counseil International du Sport Militaire, CISM), during its 70th General Assembly, announced that China won the bid to host the 2019 Military World Games.

Currently, CISM has 134 member states. This organization, which promotes "friendship through sports," is the largest military sports organization in the world. Organized by the CISM, the Military World Games have been held every four years since 1995. This international sporting event is the military equivalent of the Olympic Games. Every time this event is held, more than 8,000 athletes from over 100 countries take part in it.

Celebrating good news

Waving Chinese national flags to celebrate victory

"I now declare that Wuhan, Hubei, China has won the bid to host the 2019 Military World Games." During the 70th CISM General Assembly, A-Hakeem Al-Shino, President of CISM, made this announcement before 300 delegates and representatives from over 80 member countries.

The announcement was followed by camera flashes and fierce applause and cheering. Members of the Chinese military delegation and representatives from Hubei and Wuhan jumped out of their seats in excitement. Some cheered, some hugged and high-fived one another, and some waved Chinese national flags prepared in advance. The delegates and representatives walked onto the stage and expressed their gratitude for this great honor. When the Chinese song Ode to Red Plum Blossoms was played, the people in the audience clapped along with the song.

Standing in the spotlight, Ma Kaiping, the head of the Chinese military delegation, Liu Yingzi, the deputy mayor of Wuhan, and A-Hakeem Al-Shino signed the agreement that will allow China to host the 2019 Military World Games. 

CISM Board of Directors satisfied with China's presentation

Earlier on May 20, Ma Kaiping made a presentation on behalf of China's bid to host the 2019 Military World Games. He reaffirmed the People's Liberation Army's support for the CISM and its sincerity with regard to China's bid. He specifically mentioned that Wuhan, a megacity in Central China, is more than capable of making this event a grand success. He also emphasized China's past experiences with previous sporting events, such as the 2008 Olympics Games, 2011 Universiade, and 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games.

After Ma Kaiping's presentation, fellow delegate Ji Wanli delivered a 15-minute English presentation, in which the city of Wuhan was introduced to the CISM. The presentation offered an insight into Wuhan's logistic capabilities, infrastructure development, and available sports venues. A six-minute promotional video helped delegates from the various CISM member countries learn about Wuhan.

The Chinese presentation was well received by all present. A-Hakeem Al-Shino, President of CISM, said that he was impressed by and satisfied with China's presentation. He thanked Wuhan and China for their bid to host the 2019 Military World Games.

Meeting again in Wuhan in 2019

Getting to know about Wuhan, China 

Since they were founded in 1995, the Military World Games have been held in Rome, Italy; Zagreb, Croatia; Catania, Italy; Hyderabad, India; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This year’s Military World Games will be held in Mungyeong, South Korea in October. The countries competing to host the next Military World Games were China, South Africa, Turkey, and Qatar. In the end, China was chosen as the next host.

After A-Hakeem Al-Shino announced the decision of the board of directors to all delegations present, Ma Kaiping warmly invited all delegates to Wuhan. He said, "This is a moment worth celebrating!Wuhan, China will hold the Military World Games!We will meet again in Wuhan in 2019!" His words were met with a round of applause.

A-Hakeem Al-Shino