A giant plant wall, about 1,600 square meters and made up of more than 70,000 pots of flowers, has recently been established on Konggang Avenue. With an area equivalent to four basketball courts, it is the largest vertical "garden" in Wuhan.

Konggang Avenue is the main route for entering and leaving Tianhe International Airport and is an important transportation artery for the 7th CISM Military World Games. The huge vertical plant wall will give a surprising and pleasant first impression to athletes of various countries who come to Wuhan to attend the games.

Besides, the city is planting flowers and color-leafed plants as part of its effort to construct separation belts on highways. One of the highlights are tens of thousands of Chinese roses growing on the main sections of the Second Ring Road, including Donghu Road, Wuluo Road, Zhongbei Road, and Chuhan Road, where the city is planting a 51-km Chinese rose belt.

Vertical garden