Wuhan welcomes the world
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Visiting construction projects of the 7th Military World Games

A symposium on military industrial enterprises supporting the 7th Military World Games was recently held in Beijing. "The executive committee of the games attaches great importance to rewarding its partners. Those enterprises supporting the games will be seen as the city partners of Wuhan," a relevant director from Wuhan municipal government said. The appeal received positive response from the representatives from military industrial enterprises and invited representatives from other enterprises at the symposium.

The marketing department of the MWG executive committee, with the Wuhan International Sports Events Management Co., Ltd., and the China Olympic Sports Industry Co., Ltd. (COSI), have jointly undertaken the MWG marketing project and have established a market-development team.

The head of the MWG marketing department introduced the current marketing state. In combination of the 2008 Beijing Olympics strategies and the features of Wuhan MWG, they have tailored various types of rights and interests for the sponsoring companies.

The games executive committee divided the sponsor companies into three categories: the partner, the sponsor, and the supplier. According to the value contributed by a sponsor company, there will be different equity returns, involving the use of specific terms and symbols such as the MWG title, emblem and mascot to carry out marketing activities. In addition, sponsors involved with the MWG's broadcast, ticket distribution, and advertisement at the venues will receive marketing rights. Product display and sales have formed a set of relatively sound and scientific standards that conform to international conventions.

COSI: Olympic standards to be localized in Wuhan

COSI with its experience in the commercial operation of large-scale events, one of which was the Beijing Olympic Games, will fully participate in the market development of the 7th MWG. In just half a year, it has reached cooperation intentions with a number of enterprises to create a greater MWG brand value and development space.

CCB & ICBC: Willing to provide financial and banking services

Both China Construction Bank (CCB) and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) have expressed willingness to provide financial and banking services for the games. As two of the four large state-owned banks managed by the central government, both banks are among the world's top 500 companies.

CASIC: Hope to use their patents to aid MWG

During the Beijing Olympic Games, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) applied for 16 patents at the State Intellectual Property Office, including some dealing with the Olympic torch, the main torch tower, and four invention patents. They hope to apply these achievements in the 7th MWG. CASIC also boasts many design and production accomplishments in the construction of large-scale venues and equipment.

Tellhow Sci-Tech intends to provide broadcast service for games

Tellhow Sci-Tech is a high-tech company established in Nanchang National High-tech Development Zone. In 2008, Tellhow operated 24 hours a day to provide space, broadcast equipment, information transmission, and other services for the broadcasters of the Beijing Olympic Games. They expressed their intention to participate in the 7th MWG and provide services for the event.