7th Military World Games calling for medal, trophy design
Release time:2018-06-20 15:58:23    Source:Changjiang Dailyfont-size:AAA

Past Military World Games medals and trophies are shown at the press conference   Photo by Li Wei

The executive committee of the 7th Military World Games (MWG) announced at a press conference on May 17 that it is now accepting design submissions from all over China for medals and trophies that will be presented at the 7th MWG. Submitted works are expected to not only highlight the spirit of sportsmanship and the subject of military service, but also feature cultural elements of the Chinese nation and the city of Wuhan.

Games' medals are important symbols

Medals and trophies are important symbols of large games. As major components of the awards ceremonies, medals and trophies serve as the most direct awards and certification of the winners, but are also important representations of the landscapes and cultural features of the host city.

The medals and trophies of every large games are unique, and the Wuhan MWG is no exception. The medals inlaid with gold and jade for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games combined perfectly the features of Chinese culture and the Olympic spirit and became important and impressive symbols of the Beijing Olympic Games.

The 7th MWG is one of the largest and most influential high-level comprehensive international games to be held in China after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

All elements are sources of inspiration

According to the solicitation announcement, the design concept and style of the medals and trophies for the Wuhan MWG should not only highlight the spirit of sportsmanship and the subject of military service, but also showcase the cultural elements of both China and Wuhan.

The director of the Competition Department of the executive committee of the 7th MWG said that designs should be based on several elements such as "the military, servicemen, Wuhan's landmark buildings, and other urban cultural elements."

Besides landmarks like the Yangtze River Bridge and the Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan has a large number of precious cultural relics such as chime-bells, the ding, bronze swords, the gu, the zun, and hooklike decorative parts which can all be used as reference elements in the design of the medals and trophies.

Entries can be personal works or collaborative designs. Inspiring ideas are also welcome. For the winners of the preliminary selection, the executive committee will arrange professional design companies to further improve the designs.

Design entries will be accepted until June 30, 2018. For details of the solicitation process for design submissions, please refer to the official website of the 7th MWG.

Every piece of work is the best publicity

The executive committee will create a panel of art and industrial design experts to review all of the submitted works and select 10 medal and 10 trophy designs. A second round of review will select three outstanding works from each group. The final design schemes will be determined by the organizing committee of the MWG.

The final winners of the medal and trophy design will be awarded RMB 70,000 and RMB 60,000, respectively. The three honorable mentions from each group will be awarded RMB 20,000 each as well. All the award-winning designers will receive commemorative certificates issued by the executive committee of the 7th MWG. The final design and award list will be announced at the end of this year.

"Through this solicitation, we hope to pool the design ideas and inspirations from all sectors of society in order to demonstrate to the world the rich traditional Chinese culture and the concept of the Military World Games, and leave a unique and valuable legacy for the Wuhan Military World Games," said the director of the Competition Department of the executive committee.