Ambassadors to China commend Hubei's culture and achievements
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In a global promotional event recently held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present Hubei Province to the world, six ambassadors to China commended Hubei for its rich culture and the achievements made there and in its capital Wuhan during the past 40 years.

Masood Khalid, Pakistani Ambassador to China:Hubei contributes greatly to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

The promotional event has greatly improved my knowledge of Hubei. Special thanks should be given to Hubei, because in responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, Hubei has made great contributions to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. has been undertaking several infrastructure construction programs in Pakistan. The total installed capacity of power generation plants built in Pakistan reached 969 megawatts. China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. has built the new Islamabad International Airport. The Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, as well as the textile, petroleum and high-tech industries in Hubei have developed in-depth cooperation with Pakistani entities. In agriculture, we introduced seeds and hybrid rice developed in Hubei which bring very good harvests.

Currently there are 2,735 Pakistani students studying at colleges in Hubei. We look forward to a closer bilateral cooperative relationship with Hubei.

Andrey Denisov, Russian Ambassador to China:Wuhan is the place where Soviet Air Force once fought

I've accompanied Russian delegations visiting Wuhan and Hubei many times, so I'm very familiar with the city. The grave of fallen Soviet soldiers in Wuhan's Jiefang Park have been well-protected and maintained. When the Exhibition Hall of the Soviet Volunteer Air Force opens this year, I will visit Wuhan again.

The foundations for successful economic and trade cooperation between Russia and Hubei are maturing. In the first five months of 2018, the trade volume between Russia and Hubei saw an increase of 20 percent. During the FIFA World Cup, the China-Europe freight train starting from Hubei shipped 100,000 crawfish to Russia. Chinese enthusiasm for the World Cup in Russia is high. All of the footballs and team jerseys were made in China. Chinese football fans have bought 43,000 tickets, and 120,000 Chinese visited the venue cities during the World Cup.

There are direct flights between Wuhan and Moscow. A Russian consulate is in the planning.

Jean-Maurice Ripert, French Ambassador to China:Wuhan is the Chinese city having the best command of French language

Presently there are 103 French enterprises in Hubei Province. In 1992 we, in collaboration with Wuhan, set up the PSA Peugeot Citroen automobile manufacturing base. In 2012 the Wuhan-Paris direct flight was introduced and now France is among the most popular destinations for Hubei travelers. In 2014, our Renault manufacturing base was built in Wuhan. And this year we held a French electric vehicle production symposium in Wuhan in which over 80 enterprises attended.

In 2006, the then French President, Jacques Chirac, visited Wuhan. In both 2013 and 2017, the French prime minister at each time paid a visit to Wuhan. There are three major projects going on: the Wuhan Sino-French Ecological Demonstration City in Caidian District, a P4 laboratory beginning operation in 2018, and a painting exhibition which has attracted over 300,000 visitors.

French is taught as the first foreign language in several high schools in Wuhan. Five colleges have set up a French language department.

Marc Vinck, Belgian Ambassador to China:China-Belgium Technology Center becomes model of cooperation

Belgium began working with Hubei as early as 1905 when a Belgian railway company took part in the construction of the Beijing-Hankou Railway. Belgium is planning to invite China to attend a railway expo in Brussels in 2020.

The China Belgium Technology Center is China's first overseas technological park in Europe under the Belt and Road Initiative. It was also the first state-level overseas economic and trade cooperation zone constructed by Hubei province. Presently, the center is building an incubator, an innovation base, and an intelligence base.

The University of Leuven and Wuhan University have been cooperating since 2017. This has helped both sides understand each other's culture and introduce new ways of thinking and doing things. Such cooperation has stimulated innovation. Bilateral trade and exchanges will increase after the Wuhan-Liège air route is put into service this July. The Belgian princess's visit to Wuhan is also on the agenda.

Gautam Bambawale, Indian Ambassador to China:India to hold a tourism promotional event in Hubei

A few months ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a successful meeting in Wuhan. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Hubei for hosting this summit of two state leaders.

Many Indian students are studying in Hubei and some of them participated in the reception activities for Prime Minister Modi. In the minds of Indian diplomatic envoys in China, Wuhan has an important position. Hubei is a center of education in China and is the center of the automobile manufacturing, electronics, chemical and textile industries. We hope Hubei and Wuhan will build the city into an Indian Chinese information technology corridor. We welcome enterprises in Hubei to participate in it actively.

India has scheduled a tourism promotional event in Wuhan in August. Cooperation between the museums of the two countries has also received attention.

Carlos Humberto Larrea Dávila, Ecuadorian Ambassador to China:Ecuador welcomes Hubei investors

Ecuador and China established a diplomatic relationship forty years ago. Trade cooperation and investment between the two countries is on the increase. Ecuador's exports to China mainly consist of prawns, gold, roses, and frozen fish. A hundred-trillion-dollar economic and trade cooperation agreement was signed a few weeks ago.

Ecuador welcomes visitors from Hubei. We have begun a visa exemption policy for China, have simplified entry procedures, and have adopted an open aviation policy. We hope to establish Ecuador as China's gateway to South America.

Hubei enterprises are welcome to invest in Ecuador. The China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation has built a magnificent hydroelectric power station in Ecuador. The FiberHome Technologies Group has invested in projects in Ecuador. Experts from Hubei Provincial Seed Group Co., Ltd. are improving plant breeding in Ecuador. We believe that the economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between Hubei and Ecuador will increase in the future.(By Ke Li, Kuang Zhida & Yu Xi)