Sharing Hubei stories with the world
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On the afternoon of July 12, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) hosted a promotional event themed "Hubei, from the Yangtze River to the World" for the purpose of presenting Hubei province to the world by comprehensively displaying Hubei's culture, ecology and development. This promotional event for Hubei won a long and warm applause from the over 500 guests present.

Promotional video presents the best of Hubei

As part of the "MFA Presenting Chinese Provinces" effort, this global promotional event displayed to the world a confident and open Hubei from several dimensions including its history and development, high-end technology, and opening up to the world.

Splendid history

Hubei boasts many prominent achievements in China: from the first bridge over the Yangtze River, to the completion and operation of the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest of its kind; from the establishment of the first friendly Sino-US inter-provincial relationship in 1979, to the cooperation of 94 pairs of sister cities in 40 countries; from the reform of commodity circulation starting from Wuhan's Hanzheng Street in 1982, to the setup of the China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone; from the employment of the first German expert Gehrig as the director of a state-owned enterprise, to the settlement of 269 Fortune Global 500 enterprises in the province. All these achievements amazed the guests.

Yangtze River protection and green development

The story of Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. serves as a good example to show the great effort Hubei has made to protect the Yangtze River. This large-scale chemical enterprise used to be a major discharger of pollutants. In recent years, the company has relocated its riverside production facilities, and carried out technological renovation and industrial transformation, which helps it embark on a new path of ecological protection.

In terms of green development, Hubei has become the largest carbon emissions trading market in China. Wuhan has turned its largest garbage landfill into a garden park with unique charm.
Story of Shen Ali touches African friends

Currently, Wuhan Optics Valley has established interconnected relationships with Silicon Valley in the U.S., and the Yangtze River economic cluster has created a cooperative mechanism with the Volga River region. A large number of entrepreneurs and experts have long been involved in overseas assistance work. A doctor named Shen Ali, whose family has seen three generations engage in medical assistance for 40 years in Algeria, got his name because his parents wanted to express their good feelings towards the Algerian people.
Optics Valley becomes 4th pole of Chinese Internet industry

Hubei boasts the world's largest optical communication R&D and manufacturing base. Optics Valley, in the Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, is considered the fourth pole of China's Internet industry. It is home to the "second headquarters" of more than 50 leading Internet enterprises and more than 1,800 "Internet plus enterprises."

Hubei enterprises assisting constructions in 'Belt and Road' countries

The promotional conference specifically introduced a group of Hubei enterprises investing overseas. They include Humanwell Healthcare, which built the first modern pharmaceutical factory in West Africa; Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., which has become a well-known high-tech enterprise in Egypt; and Hubei's bridge-building corporations which have designed and built nearly 200 major bridges in more than 30 countries around the world.

Stories behind themed presentation



On July 12, Changjiang Daily reporters visited the Hubei-themed exhibition and found out the stories behind the projects on display.

Yangtze River's living scroll

At the entrance of the conference venue was a large-scale dynamic scroll of the Yangtze River created by ink painting. The picture covered dozens of years of Hubei's development. Liu Yufei, the person in charge of making the electronic scroll, said that the two-minute animation took more than a month of hard work, including 7,300 pictures of hand-drawn animation scenes and rivers, clouds, trees, boats and cars.

'Midair construction machine' helps elevate 'Chinese altitude

At the exhibition section themed "Pushing Independent Innovation," the most eye-catching was the model and video showing the "midair construction machine" made by the Wuhan-headquartered China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. This system is highly efficient and energy-conserving with an enlarged construction platform. When it is used at the Wuhan Greenland Center, the construction of one floor of the main body can be completed in four days on average. Many buildings with a height over 500 meters in Beijing, Tianjin, and Shenyang have benefitted from this innovation.

Tea bricks tell stories of integrity

In the exhibition section of the Tea Road, staff members of Zhaoliqiao Tea Factory, an inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Green Brick Tea, invited guests to taste the brick tea made with traditional crafts.

According to reports, more than 200 years ago, Hubei tea bricks were exported to many European countries. Back then, some of the tea would peel off each brick and be lost during the long-distance transportation. In order to protect the interests of the customers, workers would add a little to the standard weight of 2 kg for each brick when tea bricks were being made, but the price remained the same. This practice made Hubei's tea bricks famous in foreign countries. At present, the tea bricks made in Hubei are still the main brands in the world.

Multinationals optimistic about Wuhan's development momentum

A symposium of Hubei and multinational companies was held on the afternoon of July 12, and a dozen heads of multinational companies, including Fresenius, Ericsson, ThoughtWorks, Honda, and Philips, participated in the dialogue.

Kaoru Tanaka, deputy general manager of Honda Technology and Research Industrial (China) Investment Co., Ltd., highly valued the local business environment and Wuhan's advantages in human resources and transportation. He said that the third plant of Honda will be put into operation in April next year. By then, Honda's annual production capacity in Wuhan will reach 632,000 vehicles. 

Chen Yugang, president of Fresenius China, noted the company is expanding its business in Hubei, and that he was impressed by the high efficiency in all parts of Hubei.

At the promotional conference, Hubei also sent an invitation to all participants, welcoming them to attend the "Dialogue Between Fortune Global 500 and Hubei" series of events to be held in Wuhan in September this year.(By Kuang Zhida & Ke Li)