Wuhan Changjiang New Town Construction Investment Group was officially opened for business on August 8 after the overall planning of the Changjiang New Town passed the national expert review.

The company is a top platform for land development, investment and financing of the Changjiang New Town. Following the new development concept and learning from the successful case of Xiong'an New Area in Hebei Province, Wuhan is building this platform to establish a demonstration area that represents the highest achievements of the city's development and a model area of the future global city. Wuhan also plans to promote the investment, financing, innovation capacities and market competitiveness of Wuhan Changjiang New Town Construction Investment Group by coordinating and optimizing its resource allocations. Thus, the company will be able to provide flexible, powerful and sustainable investment as well as financial support to the Changjiang New Town in land development, infrastructure construction and other areas.

The year 2018 marks the beginning of the construction of the Changjiang New Town.(By Li Jia)