10,000th China-Europe freight train arrives
Release time:2018-09-04 15:25:49    Source:Changjiang Dailyfont-size:AAA

China (Wuhan)-Europe freight rail services are available on 16 routes. 

The arrival of China-Europe freight train X8044 from Hamburg, Germany, at Wujiashan Railway Container Center Station in Wuhan marked the 10,000th trip since the first train between the countries and regions rolled out in March 2011.

Trips have increased from 17 in the first year of the China-Europe rail services, to 3,673 in 2017. The freight trains, which have become known as "iron camel caravans" along the Belt and Road, have boosted economic and trade cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road.

The products carried by freight train X8044 include milk, quartz tubes and auto parts from countries along the freight routes such as Germany and Belarus.

The first China (Wuhan)-Europe freight train began service on October 23, 2012. As of August 23, a total of 272 trains have traveled between Wuhan and Europe so far this year. (By Zhan Quanlu)