Nearly 1,000 college freshmen enter the City’s Volunteer Group for WMG
Release time:2018-09-13 16:43:26    Source:Cette stationfont-size:AAA

In September, as the autumn wind brings coolness, more than 100,000 college freshmen have come from all corners of the country and gathered in Hongshan District, injecting new blood and vigor to “the College Town”.

At this point, the 7th Military World Games is about to embrace the one-year countdown. On September 5, the City’s Volunteer Group launched the first phase of recruitment in Hongshan District. Nearly 100 members of the Hongshan Volunteer Group walked into Wuhan Railway Station to introduce the Military World Games and “the College Town” to the fresh college students, inviting them to become members of the City’s Volunteer Group and contribute to the Wuhan Military World Games.

The recruiting activities of the Hongshan Volunteer Group, organized by the Publicity Department and the Civilization Office of Hongshan District, will last 8 days. As of September 12, over 10,000 brochures have been distributed, helping recruit nearly 1,000 college student volunteers.