“MWG in Military Barracks”: A Visit to the No. 81 Military Pentathlon Team
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As the one-year countdown to the opening of the 7th Military World Games is just around the corner, the national press team covering “Military World Games in Military Barracks” made their first stop from September 4 to 5 in the Military Sports Training Center of the CMC Training and Administration Department in Beijing.

On the gate of the center's training hall is a striking red banner, which reads, “Embrace the Champion of the CISM World Games from here”. Face-to-face interviews with the athletes and coaches there have left us a deep impression on their words and deeds. Their rigorous military style and spirit of whole-hearted dedication and indomitable efforts in training to get prepared for the Games give full expression to the morale of the Chinese military delegation.

Military Pentathlon is by all means one of the most distinctive and expected disciplines in the coming Games. It consists of Shooting, Obstacle Run, Obstacle Swimming, Throwing and Cross Country Running. Military Pentathlon athletes are hence known as the "Almighty Warriors."


Military Pentathlon Coach Li Chunmei: Go all out and be the Best

"Our team has just finished competition in the 65th World Military Pentathlon Championship in Austria. Our women's team won the champion in women's Team and women's Obstacle Relay, bringing home a total of two gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal," said the vice captain and coach of Military Pentathlon Li Chunmei with a big smile on her face. She added, "the championship has been a good opportunity for the team to get prepared for the Wuhan Games next year. Three novice players participated in the championship and they were all in great conditions, which is very difficult considering that it takes at least 4 to 5 years for a novice player to mature from the training and be able to play in a global competition. Still, this is only possible when the player is extremely talented."

As the coach of the sole women's Military Pentathlon team in China, Li is faced with daunting pressure and challenges. When asked how to prepare for the Games, Li’s answer is to get the team to compete in an intercontinental competition before the Games next year, so as to make up for the new contestants’ lack of experience.

"Competing in the Games will be a once-in-a-lifetime honor for a soldier," commented Li, "we are looking forward to going all out and delivering the best results in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China."


Military Pentathlon World Champion Lu Pinpin: It is Really Lucky to Play at Home at the Best Age

On September 3, Lu Pinpin returned from Vienna, bringing home fruitful results, including the women’s champion in Team and in Obstacle Relay, and an individual bronze medal in the 65th World Military Pentathlon Championship. “It is really lucky to be able to play in my home country in the Games at the best age,” said Lu.

Before getting admitted into the No. 81 Military Pentathlon Team, Lu used to be an athlete of Shandong Rugby Team. Everyday, the substantial amount of training in 500-meter Obstacle Run, Cross Country Running, Throwing, Swimming and Shooting makes Lu and her teammates "never have to worry about gaining weight or keep to a diet." "In particular, the 500-meter Obstacle Run requires explosive power. After a training session, I can taste blood in my mouth; as for the 4-km Cross Country Running, it takes great stamina and my head often aches after training.”