“Military World Games in Military Barracks”: Visit to Zhurihe Training Base
Release time:2018-09-17 10:43:10    Source:Cette stationfont-size:AAA

On September 7, the national media campaign of “Military World Games in Military Barracks” made its 2nd stop at Zhurihe Training Base.

Zhurihe Training Base, situated in the depth of the Inner Mongolian grasslands, was founded in 1957 and has witnessed leapfrog development since 2012. Over the years, the base has witnessed over 200 major military activities, making it the "forefront" of realistic military training and the "preferred site" for major military activities, attracting worldwide attention.

Zhurihe Training Base is home to a synthesized brigade of the 81st army group. As a permanent force there, it is known for its commitment in building a professional simulated Blue Force to become a “grindstone” for boosting the army’s fighting capacity. In its dozens of combat drills with actual arms, it has confronted the best of the best troops in the army and has achieved 32 wins and only 1 defeat in 6 years, earning it the reputation of “China’s First Blue Force” and “The Woolf of Zhurihe Training Base”. In addition, the brigade has been honored as the first batch of model forces in training towards the goal of building a strong army, advanced force in military parade training for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army and advanced force in providing logistics for the military parade.

In the promotion campaign at the Blue Force stop, Zhao Hongjun, deputy director of the Executive Commission office of 7th CISM Military World Games (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan Military World Games), introduces the latest updates on the preparatory work for the games and sends out an invitation for the opening ceremony to Blue Force soldier Wang Weifeng. Cao Zhu, head of the Media and Communication Department of the Executive Commission, gives away a publicity brochure to Blue Force political commissar Zhou Xun.

The publicity films and presentations have stirred a strong response among the Blue Force officers and soldiers at Zhurihe Training Base. More than 150 outstanding officers and soldiers of "China’s First Blue Force" left their signatures on the banner of Wuhan Military World Games.

Leaders of "China’s First Blue Force" express that the promotion campaign should serve as a great opportunity for publicizing the theme spirit of "Sharing Friendship, Promoting Peace" and for inspiring the officers and soldiers to train with more enthusiasm for making more contributions towards the goal of building a strong army.