Venue Construction for Wuhan MWG Ushers in “A Wave of Completion”
Release time:2018-09-17 10:44:50    Source:Cette stationfont-size:AAA


On September 12, the renovation project of Wuhan Business University Gymnasium, which is to host the Modern Pentathlon and Fencing events, was successfully completed. This is the first completed construction project this year for the 7th CISM Military World Games (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan Military World Games), marking a breakthrough in the venue construction.

According to relevant personnel in charge, the construction of the venues and related facilities constitutes the basis for the organization of the Games. In order to ensure "establishment of first-class organization, construction of first-class venues and facilities, creation of first-class competition environment, and provision of first-class services” and in accordance with the general requirements for delivering "meticulous, exquisite, extreme and excellent work”, all responsible districts, project entities and the related departments directly under the municipal government have cooperated closely to make venue and facility construction their top priority, with the purpose of delivering the 35 venue and facility projects successfully.

The renovation project of Wuhan Business University Gymnasium started this March and has been completed in fewer than 6 months, making it one of the fastest in construction and of the shortest in project cycle among the 35 venue projects.

As of now, among the 35 venue projects, 8 are basically in place for hosting sports events, 2 completed, 24 under construction and 1 to be started soon as planned. Of the 24 projects under construction, 16, or 66.7%, have their main structures completed, and most of the venue and facility projects are in the phase of facility installation and decoration.

According to the plan, Hankou Culture and Sports Center will be completed by the end of September; Wuhan Business University Equestrian Venue and Swimming Pool are to be completed in October; Wuhan Gymnasium, Wuhan Sports University Gymnasium as well as another 13 venue projects will be finished this December. By the end of April of next year, another 6 projects including Athletes’ Village and Wuhan Sports Center will be completed.