3,000 Volunteers Vow to Serve WMG in the Hometown of Mulan
Release time:2018-09-19 10:55:56    Source:Cette stationfont-size:AAA

Caption: An oath-taking rally was held in Huangpi District. Photo by Liu Meng and Wang Lijun

Meet in the hometown of Mulan and serve the green Military World Games. September 12 marked the 400-day countdown to the 7th CISM World Games to be held in Wuhan. In the morning, an oath-taking rally was held in the sports field of Huangpi District Vocational and Technical College, attracting a total of 14 enthusiastic volunteer groups, or 3,000 people. This is the largest and most influential volunteering activity with the highest number of participators in Huangpi District since Wuhan started the preparation, giving full expression to the strong atmosphere and good spirit for welcoming and serving the Games in the hometown of Mulan.

Huangpi, as one of the main venues, is responsible for work related to hosting Naval Pentathlon. It is expected to receive around 2,000 athletes, journalists, guests and countless spectators from home and abroad.

At 8: 30 a.m., 14 volunteer groups departed from their respective rally points to conduct hiking activities for the Games. The volunteers, who were in unified costumes with small purple hats on their heads, walked onto the streets to promote the Games and display the volunteering spirit, presenting a beautiful landscape.

The Changjiang Daily invited 4 popular network anchors to broadcast the whole event on their online platforms, attracting over 200,000 views online.