Venues to Be Open to the Public
Release time:2018-09-19 10:59:18    Source:Cette stationfont-size:AAA


The Venues for the Military World Games, operated in a green, open, shared and honest manner, will be open to high-level sports events as well as education, research and public sport purposes after the Games. Of them, Yuma Sports Park, the Swimming Stadium and the renovated Gymnasium in Wuhan Business University will please the public with high-end sports services.

Yuma Sports Park, where equestrian and shoot-run games will be held, is a good start for the School’s teaching program development, and will support the founding of China Equestrian Academy. 

According to Li Yaonan, Vice President of the School of Sports, Wuhan Business University, after the Games, the Park will be managed by a professional entity under trust. Besides serving the School’s teaching and research purposes and other demand for use, the Park will commercially open its equestrian resources to the public for learning and appreciation, so as to popularize equestrian in the city.  

After the Games, the Park will also support competitions and trainings of professionals including the School’s future horse racing team.

The newly built Swimming Stadium and the renovated Gymnasium, designed in line with the principle of “serving the Event, post-Event utilization and public sport program”, will be used for the School’s PE courses and open to the public. 

According to the head of the Venues Dept. of the Executive Commission for the Games, post-Event utilization is considered in the construction of most of the venues. For example, the Parachuting Venue at Wuhan Hannan General Airport staged the 2017 World Fly-in Expo, the under-construction Media Center will be an ice sports stadium after the Games, and Caidian National Defense Park Shooting & Archery Field is the first professional shooting and archery field in Wuhan. “The top-class venues will stage high-level competitions and serve the public of the River City with world-class sports facilities.” said the lady.