A Cookhouse Squad Member Pays Homage to the Games
Release time:2018-09-20 10:59:03    Source:Cette stationfont-size:AAA

Photo by Yuzhiyong

The Dream of Building A Powerful Military, a hundred-meter-long painting & calligraphy scroll was under the spot at the roadshow “CISM Military World Games in Barracks” held on September 17. The artist Zhang Jinpeng, a member of the cookhouse squad of a reserve in Fujian, said he was paying homage to the CISM Military World Games.

Before creating the work, Zhang spent almost a year visiting Jinggang Mountains, Nanchang, Gutian and other revolutionary education bases for inspirations, and asked for advices from the leadership and his comrades.  

Actually, Zhang has a lot work to do in his squad. He dedicated his entire spare time, including holidays, to the creation. In the year, he slept less than five hours per night. After 11 months’ painstaking work, the self-made genius completed the long scroll. 

The scroll consists of three chapters, Loyalty, Victory, and Attitude. Each of the three goals is elaborated in three sections: Why, What, and How. The texts, illustrated with over 30 Chinese paintings, are written in traditional clerical calligraphy. 

Zhang’s scroll highlighted the roadshow on September 17.