CISM Military World Games in Fujian Barracks
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Photo by Yuzhiyong

On September 16-18, the nationwide media roadshow “CISM Military World Games in Barracks” Stop III came to the Flak Division of a reserve in Fujian.

At the keynote meeting of Stop III, Zhao Hongjun, Vice Chairman of the Headquarters, the 7th CISM Military World Games, shared the preparatory updates and presented albums of the Games to Huang Jianfeng, Director-General of the Division’s Armaments Department.

Over 100 soldier representatives signed their names on the streamer. In the parallel activity held in companies, soldiers added their names to the “Military Glory, World Peace” theme.   

Cultural events were also held to welcome the Games. Zhang Jinpeng’s hundred-meter-long scroll included elements of the Games. Cartoonist Liu Xiaodong from Regiment IV worked seven nights and made six comics presenting their expectations of the incoming CISM Military World Games.