7th CISM WG Announced 20 Volunteer Ambassadors
Release time:2018-09-25 11:03:45    Source:Cette stationfont-size:AAA

It’s learned from the CMC Training and Administration Department that the Executive Commission of the 7th CISM Military World Games held the press conference in the auditorium of Wuhan People's Government, and announced the 10 military volunteer ambassadors and 10 local volunteer ambassadors.

Photo by Yu zhiyong

The 10 military volunteer ambassadors include Cheng Cheng, the Woman Pacesetter and officer from an army’s guard of honor; Guan Dong, the winner of the fifth moral model awards and officer from the Naval University of Engineering; Gao Donglei, the deputy to the 13th NPC and officer from an air force’s air brigade; Zhu Hongjun, the Military Loyal Martial Pacesetter and petty officer from a rocket force’s brigade; Chen Dong, the Heroic Astronaut from the PLA; Liu Yujie, the Director of the Military Sports Medicine Branch and Chief Physician of Orthopedics from the Chinese PLA General Hospital; Jiang Yongjun, the Military Excellent Staff Officer and officer from the Hainan Provincial Military Region; Fan Zhendong, the world table tennis champion and athlete from No.81 Table Tennis Team of the Military Sports Training Center of the CMC Training and Administration Department; Li Xuerui, the world badminton champion and athlete from No.81 Badminton Team of the Military Sports Training Center of the CMC Training and Administration Department; and Wang Jingjing, the National Top 10 Popular Science Envoys and officer from Engineering University of PAP.

The 10 local volunteer ambassadors include Han Qiaosheng, the renowned sportscaster; Yang Wei, the world gymnastics champion; Ju Binbin, known as “the most touching volunteer”; Zhang Long, the “soul guider”; Wu Miao, the female gun master from the Regimental Police; Chen Chen, the college girl having bravely climbed the Mount Everest; Yu Xi, the pioneer of public diplomacy; Hu Aidi, Wuhan female entrepreneur; Liu Huixia, the world diving champion; and Long Jingyi, heroine of entrepreneurship for poverty alleviation from Dong Nationality.

The volunteer ambassadors were selected and appraised about right. The military volunteer ambassadors have been picked by experts out of 30 representatives on active service for all arms, military authorities and armed police forces, by way of comprehensively considering awards, unit opinions, online voting and other 4 criteria. The local volunteer ambassadors have been determined through the process of recommending, first reviewing, public appraising, online voting, second reviewing, submitting for approval, notarizing and publicizing.

It’s said that the 20 volunteer ambassadors will star the public benefit publicity film, attend the opening ceremony of the volunteer training and other events on the node, participate in voluntary services based on their specialties, and communicate & interact with volunteers in the Athletes’ Village and venues.