Bingbing Animation Contest Kicks Off
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An Animation Contest kicked off on September 28 centering on the mascot Bingbing of the 7th CISM World Games.

The image of Bingbing is inspired by Chinese sturgeon, a migratory fish in Yangtze under First-Grade State Protection.

Participants in the contest will submit their creations, made by hand or CAD, in forms of single-page comics, comic series or stories, and animations, by March 1, 2019. Text narration may be affixed. Awards will be given to the best single-page comic, the best comic series and the best animation based on the appraisal by an expert panel. References can be found and contributions be presented on the “Animation Contest” WeChat official account and the Official Website. Excellent creations will also be presented through roadshow and AD promotion.


Contact information:

Tel: 027-8475 3833

QQ: 368888903


Add.: Floor 5, Tower D3, Central China Intelligence Valley Phase I, Wuhan Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province 

Postal code: 430050