City Orienteering Challenge of 7th CISM World Games Cup Is Coming
Release time:2018-10-10 11:11:39    Source:Cette stationfont-size:AAA

The website reports (journalist: Fan Yaqin, reporter: Wen Tian) that the final of 2018 “7th CISM World Games Cup” City Orienteering Challenge will kick off in Wuhan on October 27. Ten thousand contestants then will be dressed in camouflage, and compete in groups of five at four venues of Shouyi Square, Hankou river beach, Hanyang National Fitness Center and East Lake scenic spot respectively. There is also a big LED screen for live broadcast and interaction at the venue.

The contestants should arrive at the designated controls of their routes by walk, run and public transport to complete corresponding tasks of games, and then reach the next control after clearance. Upon reaching all the controls and completing the corresponding tasks, the contestants shall return to the destination for the end of timing. The games, with an average of 5 controls for each route, will be ultimately ranked by total time taken by each team.

It is reported that this competition has generous benefits and prizes. It provides each contestant with sport suit, backpack, medal, and other benefits, and also presents 100 tickets for the opening ceremony, 200 tickets for the closing ceremony, 600 tickets for individual event final, and 700 mascots based on the rules of annual credits exchange.

The contestants, in groups of five (male and female), may register through online "Registration APP" and by following "Wuhan City Orienteering Association".


Registration fee:60 yuan/person;(Age 6 to 60)

The citizens may consult through QQ groups and by phone, QQ groups: 552800909, 547391981; Telephone: 83807717.

The duration for registration is as from today until oct 20th.