On Nov. 20, the national media interview and CISM Military World Games publicity activity of the Military World Games in Military Barracks started its sixth stop – visiting a warehouse of the Joint Logistic Support Force of the People’s Liberation Army in Wuhan, and introducing the latest progress of the preparations for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) to the soldiers.

The warehouse in Wuhan, under the jurisdiction of Zhengzhou Joint Logistic Support Center, was a heroic army with a long history. In the past 69 years, it has successfully completed many great tasks such as the liberation of Hainan Island, the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the Tangshan earthquake relief in 1976, the flood fighting in 1998, and the Sichuan earthquake relief in 2008 as well as counter-terrorism and maintenance of stability. It has been repeatedly commended by the Central Military Commission.

The publicity activity of the CISM Military World Games in Military Barracks in the sixth stop was officially started at 9:30 am, presided over by Xu Yuanbin, deputy director of the warehouse. The publicity film of the 7th CWG and the short animated film of the mascot “Bingbing” were broadcast at the cultural activity center of the warehouse. The soldiers like the cute “Bingbing” very much.

The person in charge of the Media and Communication Department of the 7th CWG Executive Commission presented an invitation letter to Huang Huan, a section commander of the warehouse and a representative of excellent grassroots soldiers.

A 5-meter-long banner was placed in front of the venue. More than 200 representatives from the Joint Logistic Support Force signed their names on the banner.

In order to greet the 7th CWG, the warehouse officially held the "Strong Army Cup" Ball Games. The soldiers of all military barracks made a vow to fully demonstrate their skills and tactics, firmly maintain the competition discipline, and carefully organize and coordinate the games to make it a great spectacle and display the good spirit of the soldiers – persistence and striving for the first.