It is estimated that 66 horses will be used for the equestrian and 30 horses for the modern pentathlon in the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG). 30 racing horses purchased from Belgium will fly to Wuhan in early December. 35 tons of forage that could feed these horses for a month arrived at Wuhan Business University Equestrian Venue from Inner Mongolia on Nov. 28.

On the morning of Nov. 28, 70 students from the International School of Equestrian of the School of Physical Education of Wuhan Business University took 3 hours to unload 875 bundles of forage, each weighing 40 kilograms, from the truck, and carried them to the forage room of the equestrian venue. The scattered forage was also collected by students and carried to the forage room by handcarts. The forage was freshly mowed from the Hulunbuir Grassland in Inner Mongolia not long ago.

It is known that the team responsible for feeding and training the racing horses has been selected by bidding. At present, it has more than 20 members, composed of professional horsemen, coaches, foreign jockeys and veterinarians. Hadatie, the head coach of the team, told the reporter on November 28 that he participated in the selection of horses in Belgium this summer, and he also involved with the purchase of forage in Inner Mongolia. There are many grasslands in China such as Hulunbuir Grassland, Xilingele Grassland, and northeast grasslands, among which the highest quality Hulunbuir Grassland is finally selected.

The 35 tons of forage was freshly mowed from the Hulunbuir Grassland this year, and selected by the leaders of Wuhan Business University and the service team of the 7th CWG. It is mainly composed of five-flower grass and puccinellia tenuiflora, which are mowed when they are most nutritious. The contents of water, protein, fiber, and other nutrients are strictly tested to meet the needs of racing horses, which can reach the standard of no mildew, rich nutrition, great taste and easy digestion in the selection of forage.

Will the racing horses from Belgium be accustomed to Chinese forage? Hadatie said that the varieties of forage for racing horses in various countries are similar. The taste of Chinese forage is a little different from that of Belgian forage, which may make some horses unaccustomed. But overall, there will be no problems. In addition to forage, feed is also essential to the racing horses. The Belgian feed for these 30 horses consists of oatmeal, barley and other added ingredients.

Li Lin, party secretary of the International School of Equestrian of the School of Physical Education of Wuhan Business University, told the reporter on Nov. 28 that 30 horses were strictly selected and quarantined before leaving Belgium. After their arrival at Wuhan Business University, there will be a one-month quarantine period during which 35 tons of forage will be used for 30 horses.

Preparations for the quarantine area are underway in an orderly manner. LI Lin said that another 66 racing horses are expected to be rented from major domestic jockey clubs one month before the opening of the 7th CWG.