The final of the CISM Military World Games Cup College Students Military Sports Boxing Challenge was held in Wuchang Polytechnic College on Nov. 25. Twelve Wuhan-based colleges and universities participated in the competition, and Wuchang Polytechnic College won the first place. The event is the last of the seven sports and cultural activities themed  "Join the CISM Military World Games."  The Executive Commission will again organize a series of sports and cultural activities ahead of the CISM Military World Games next year.

The event was sponsored by the Executive Commission, the Hubei Region Military Coordination Team of Wuhan Executive Commission, Hubei Provincial Department of Education, Bureau of War Preparedness of Hubei Military Region and the Publicity Department of the Wuhan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. Since its initiation in October this year, 32 teams from colleges and universities based in Wuhan have registered, who participated in the preliminary round by submitting a training video of the first set of the military sports boxing. In the end, 12 excellent teams were selected as finalists by the evaluation team.

At the final, the 12 university teams, each consisting of one commander and 100 members and wearing training uniforms of the Army, Navy and Air Forces respectively, marched on the stage vigorously. Striking, jumping and kicking, a series of powerful, coherent and elegant actions were performed. Among them, the two women formations of South-central University for Nationalities and Wuhan Qingchuan University were outstanding, winning thunderous applauses from the audience while performing with the impressive words of command.

The team of 101 officers of Wuchang Polytechnic College displayed skillful actions, steady postures and clear boxing art, receiving unanimous praise from the judges and the audience, and won the first prize. South-central University for Nationalities and Wuhan Institute of Shipbuilding Technology won the second prizes, and the third prizes were awarded to Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, and Wuhan Qingchuan University. Winner prizes were awarded to Hubei University, Jianghan University and Wuhan Business University.

According to the organizers from the Major Events Department the Wuhan Executive Commission, the seven theme sports activities of "Join the CISM Military World Games" in 2018 have all been successfully concluded. Since the start they have received strong support and enthusiastic participation from people of all walks of life and the general public.