In the early winter of Wuhan, a new "sight" caught people’s attention. Recently, a flower wall of more than 400 square meters appeared in Hongshan Gymnasium.

Hongshan Gymnasium is the main venue of the 2019 CISM World Games. It is close to Hongshan Square and is a busy area of the city. Reporters of the Changjiang Daily noticed that the flower wall stands on one side of Hongshan Square and faces the Science and Technology Building. The grand wall is easily visible to people entering and leaving the subway and vehicles passing by Hongshan Square. The Wuhan CISM World Games mascot “Bingbing” and the LOGO are the core parts of the wall. The adorable Bingbing, holding a torch in his hand and leaping in the sea of flowers and leaves, is very lovely and eye-catching.

An officer engaged in gardening of Wuchang said that the wall consists of four parts, two big and two small, with the greatest height reaching 6.8 meters. Like brocade weaving on cloth, steel bars and mesh bags were used to make the frame, which was then decorated with flowers and plants to shape the picture. The plant bed used a kind of fern with stretching leaves. The main flowers are red and pink rhododendron, supplemented by marigolds and other flowers adaptable to low temperature. A total of 16,000 bunches of flowers and plants were used, weighing nearly 5 tons.