The winners of the award-winning quiz (from the right) excitedly took a group photo with Liu Huixia, Yang Wei and Ju Binbin. Photo by: Journalist Yu Zhiyong

At the 7th CISM World Games Voluntary Service Publicity in Cities/Prefectures held in Suizhou on December 5, Yang Wei and Liu Huixia, volunteer ambassadors and Olympic champions, called upon people to join the volunteer family of the 7th CISM World Games and demonstrate the spirit and demeanor of Chinese volunteers.

Yang Wei: Come together for your dreams!

Volunteer ambassador Yang Wei was sharing his views. Photo by: Journalist Yu Zhiyong

“For you, I’m an athlete, a gymnast, an Olympic champion, a super daddy… I seldom served as a volunteer. However, I hope in the near future you will say ‘I see the volunteer Yang Wei on the street’.” Yang Wei’s opening remarks were very impressive.

He encouraged people to stay true to their goals in pursuing dreams. He said: “I still remember the scene I first saw the ‘World Champion List’ of Chinese national team in 1995 when I had not thought my name could be graced with ‘winning honors for motherland’. On December 8, 1996, I was selected into the National Gymnastics Team, and when I wore the ‘uniforms of National Gymnastics Team’ I felt I should realize our country’s dream of gymnastics. From that time, I dreamed of standing at the highest medals podium of world gymnastics.”

After the victory in the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics and the failure in the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics, Yang Wei won the long-cherished individual all-around champion in the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. He said: “after over 1,400 days and nights, I finally recapture the individual all-round champion I lost four years ago. It is marvelous to win honors for my motherland.”

After retirement in 2009, Yang Wei worked at Gymnastics Management Center of Hubei Administration of Sport, and participated in various public-benefit activities such as “Give Children a Champion Dream”, “Starting Line of Love” and “Make a Lecture in Hometown”. “One day, I walk slowly on my way home. I suddenly think that I can combine competitions with voluntary service and public-benefit activities. Although I have left the arena, I can serve the arena as a volunteer.”

Two months ago, Yang Wei became the volunteer ambassador of the 7th CISM World Games. He expressed: “I am still grateful for so many volunteers serving our athletes. Now I can take my responsibility and track on a new journey as a volunteer to ‘win honors for my motherland’.”

Yang Wei called upon: “Join the volunteer team and integrate the spirit of ‘dedication, friendship, assistance and progress’ into daily life. I believe we will demonstrate the demeanor of Chinese volunteers with wisdom and efforts next October.”

Liu Huixia: Pursuing Dreams in Voluntary Service

Volunteer ambassador Liu Huixia was sharing her views. Photo by: Journalist Yu Zhiyong

Most kids at 3 were sent to nurseries, but Liu Huixia had to practice gymnastics at the gymnasium. After three years’ gymnastic training, Liu started diving practice at 6. She was selected into the Hubei provincial team at 8 and enrolled into national team at 12. She said: “I have won many honors, but also suffered failures.”

During four years from 2011 to 2014, Liu Huixia won almost all champions from domestic competitions to the Diving World Cup and World Championships. In particular, she was named the Best Women’s Diving Athlete of 2014 by the Fédération Internationale de Natation. “I have full confidence that I will win the gold medal of the Olympic Games.”

One month before Russia 2015 World Championships, Liu Huixia hurt her shoulder joints and arms in a practice because she did not push out water with hands. Enduring unimaginable pains, she finally won the champion and the qualification of taking part in the Olympic Games. In the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, she won the long-cherished champion.

In Rio, Liu Huixia communicated with numerous volunteers from Brazil and other countries in the world. She recalled: “They are enthusiastic, friendly, professional and hospitable, and they help all athletes and spectators from the world. Like the angel of spreading the Olympic spirit and national culture, volunteers leave me a deep impression. I hope I will be a member of them.”

She frankly said she did not expect that day could come in such a short time. “I feel excited that the 7th CISM World Games is held in my hometown. I am eager to introduce the indomitable, picturesque and great city to the world. Thus, I participated in the selection of volunteer ambassadors of the Games. I am proud. I also feel the lofty mission and duty on my shoulder. As an athlete born in Hubei, I welcome all athletes to my hometown. I will work with other volunteers to demonstrate our enthusiasm and friendship. You will be amazed by Wuhan and China.”