The 7th CISM World Games (7th CWG) will be a major international sports event held in Wuhan this year, supported by the State and jointly organized by the military forces and the local government, which has caught the world’s attention. It is naturally becoming a hot topic at Wuhan two sessions.

On January 6, the heads of the Competition Department, Venues Department, Media and Communication Department, Volunteers Department, and Integrated Logistics Support Department of the Executive Commission of the Games came to the two sessions to brief the representatives and members on the preparations of the Games and answer the hot issues they are concerned about.

Nearly 7,000 athletes have submitted entry forms

According to Wu Jipeng, Director-General of the Competition Department of the Executive Commission of the Games, the Games will be the most influential one in the history of the CISM Military World Games with the largest scale and the most participants. There are three stages for submitting entry forms. At present, the statistics work of the First Entry has been completed. 92 countries have submitted entry forms, with a total number of 9,726, including 6,995 athletes, 107 disabled athletes, and 2,624 officials and support personnel. The Second Entry will end on January 18, and the Final Entry will end on July 18. It is estimated that there will be nearly 10,000 military athletes from all over the world.

The preparations related to the Games are being carried out in an orderly manner. The list of sport equipment has been confirmed and the procurement is in progress; the design of medals and cups has been completed, and the relevant follow-up work is underway; the referee organization work, the preparation of competition guide and competition program catalogues, and the anti-doping work are moving forward. 4,000 referees from all over the world will participate in the Games. It is reported that referees, medal ceremonial personnel, and anti-doping personnel will be trained to take up their posts.

Projects of new and renovated venue facilities will be completed in April

The construction of venue facilities of the Games is progressing in an orderly manner and entering the home stretch. The new construction and maintenance renovation projects can be completed in April this year. At the same time, joint acceptance and sports technology acceptance will be carried out to ensure the venue construction with “high quality, zero error”, and lay a solid foundation for the high level of the Games.

According to Jin Yonghong, Director-General of the Venues Department of the Executive Commission, the new and renovated venues have five characteristics: high construction standard, excellent construction technology, high technology content, sufficient environmental protection concepts and strong cultural features. For example, the Wuhan Business University Equestrian Venue Project is designed and constructed in accordance with the standard set by the International Equestrian Federation for international competitions; the Dongxihu Sports Center Gymnasium Project uses the latest prefabricated fair-faced concrete whose surfaces are shiny without any decoration.

The construction of venue facilities is in line with the principles of the combination of event needs and post-event use, seeking the greatest benefit of long-term development on the basis of holding the Games. After the Games, the venue facilities can not only undertake large-scale international sports events, but also be used for professional training, teaching and research, and national defense education, and will be open to the public for national fitness. For example, the Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center, which is under construction, can be used as a venue for football, table tennis, lifesaving and other sports during the event period and as a district-level sports center after the event to improve the supporting services of the new urban district while meeting the needs of mass fitness and competitive sports. After the game, the Main Media Center of the Games will be transformed into an ice sports venue open to the society, making up for the blank of the ice sports venues in Wuhan.

Wuhan City has improved its roads by more than 1,000 kilometers

To prepare the Games, Wuhan City has intensified its efforts in urban environmental governance. According to Wan Lei, Head of the Integrated Logistics Support Department of the Executive Commission, Wuhan City has improved its roads by more than 1,000 kilometers. It only takes about 30 minutes to drive from the Athletes’ Village to the venues by the newly-built Huangjiahu Road. During the event period, Wuhan City will also open the third phase of Metro Line 8 and the southern extension of Metro Line 2, and optimize and adjust 164 bus routes to facilitate the citizens to travel green.

Last year, Wuhan City added 7.58 million square meters of green space, 42 street parks, 6 country parks and 116 kilometers of greenway. It planted a total of 200,000 trees and more than 1.1 million flowers and shrubs. It completed the afforestation task issued by Hubei Province two years in advance.

In order to “make the sky more blue, waters more clear and the environment more beautiful”, Wuhan City will continue to strengthen air pollution control to ensure the good air quality during the event period. It has launched a comprehensive effort to improve the water quality, focusing on 41 water bodies with relatively poor quality. It comprehensively controls and improves the urban environment in accordance with the standards of “delicacy, exquisiteness, perfection and excellence.”

Promotion and mobilization of the Games have achieved great results

According to Cao Zhu, Director-General of the Media and Communication Department of the Executive Commission, the department has achieved remarkable results. It has successively organized more than 30 press conferences (activities), and jointly organized two special press conferences for the Games with the Ministry of National Defense. More than 70 mainstream media attended the conferences and gave key reports. It has organized 12 mainstream media to go to the 8 military camps nationwide to vigorously promote the Games, and an upsurge of the Games has been sweeping the military camps. It has collected the anthem and the theme promotion song from the whole country and the whole army, and made a publicity film which has reached more than 9 million hits in three days. Through extensive publicity, a good publicity atmosphere with mobilization and full participation of the whole city is formed, thus showing the world a more realistic, three-dimensional and comprehensive Wuhan city image in a new era.

During the event period, the Executive Commission of the Games will provide high-quality, efficient and professional media services for domestic and foreign journalists. In terms of hardware, the Main Media Center has a Main Press Center (MPC) and an International Broadcast Center (IBC), which is expected to be the first to use 5G communication technology. The public TV signals of important events will use 4K ultra HDTV production and broadcasting technologies. Each venue also has a sub-media center which can provide professional media services. In terms of software, the Games will provide high-quality logistics support and professional news information services for journalists from all over the world.

The second online registration of volunteers will start next month

Good volunteer service is one of the basics for the successful large-scale competitions. According to Zhu Jin, Director-General of the Volunteers Department of the Executive Commission, a large number of volunteers have become the beautiful representatives of the Games since the preparations. 20 military and local volunteer ambassadors and dozens of backbone volunteers have played a good social publicity and mobilization role in various publicity activities. They took their oaths in one-year countdown gala, participated in promotional speeches on volunteer work in cities, the 7th CWG Cup City Orienteering Challenge, and a series of activities to welcome the Games organized by various districts and relevant units. They have given full play to the leader of volunteer culture, the communicator of volunteer spirit, and the practitioners of volunteer service, attracting more volunteers to dedicate themselves to the Games, and creating a good social atmosphere in which everyone is concerned about the Games and everyone contributes to the Games.

The Games plans to recruit 50,000 volunteers, including college students, enthusiastic citizens, foreigners and outstanding volunteer organizations. The training of the first 12,700 volunteers will be completed this month. The second online registration of volunteers will be started next month. Anyone interested can visit the official website of the Games to find out more information.