On January 4, the journalist learned from the Operation & Management Committee of Wuhan Athletes’ Village that the refined interior decoration of the athletes’ apartments in the Village has been finished by 93%. After the delivery which is expected to be done before end April, furniture and electric appliances will be installed for the apartments. Later on, a rehearsal for the event service will be carried out.

It is learned that the constructions of the Athletes’ Village is progressing smoothly as scheduled. At present, the refined decoration of the main work, namely, the 30 athletes’ apartment buildings, is approaching an end. The refined decoration includes coating of interior wall and balcony, frame grouting of fireproof door, and installation and construction of other facilities like wood floor, indoor primer, interior door frame, and shower panel.

At a three-bedroom model house in an apartment building, the journalist witnessed the bright windows, clean furniture, a large living room, a big balcony, and a kitchen, with excellent lighting and ventilation. Each of the bedrooms has a bay window framed in black aluminum. The big bedroom has two beds and a toilet. The two smaller bedrooms each have one bed and share a public toilet.

In terms of accommodation service preparation, a chart has been made on the house type of athletes’ apartments and the number of beds. It has been confirmed that the Athletes’ Village will be able to provide 10,000 beds for athletes and work staff. The accommodation service, property service, commercial and smart information construction of the buildings has also been determined. For this purpose, agreements are concluded on accommodation service, property service, and commercial operation. Besides, the plans for accommodation of working staff and stand-by apartments for athletes are decided. The list of furniture, electric appliances and other articles for the accommodation service are optimized. And in coordination with the building operators, the service providers for furniture purchase have also been selected.

According to Head of Operation & Management Committee of the Athletes’ Village, the construction of supporting facilities including gardens, water supply facility, power supply facility, basement, etc. is approaching an end. The major structure construction of the Office Building of the Village Committee, the Welcome Center, the Medical Center, and other function rooms has been completed, and initial decoration of the these rooms is coming to a close. The pile foundation construction of the Athletes’ Dining Hall and the Working Staff Dining Hall has basically been completed. Particularly, the steel structure hoisting of the Athletes’ Dining Hall has been finished by 35%. The structure construction is expected to be finished at the end of January 2019, and the whole construction at the end of April 2019.

In terms of catering service preparation, the central warehouse for food materials has been determined in coordination with the building operators. The food menus for athletes, which have been modified according to the Menu Expert Review Committee’s suggestions, are submitted to the Executive Commission for approval. Service teams have been established and sent to visit the beef and mutton production bases and processing enterprises in Xinjiang, Ningxia, Beijing, etc.