Wang Wenjie, a 50-year-old citizen, has recently joined the ASA sailing certification training and sailed on the East Lake. “The sailboat is propelled on the water, and the lake and the mountains are all in sight. It’s so cool,” he said.

ASA sailing certification training is an internationally certified training system. After getting the license, people can rent a sailboat and sail out. Wuhan has carried out the training and certification for two years and more than 30 trainees have received the licenses. In addition, 1.5 million young people from more than 100 countries around the world participate in sailing learning, training and entertainment. Nearly 100 junior-level students in Wuhan have graduated and given sailing performances.

Wang Wenjie said that this sport is suitable for people of all ages. People can both exercise and appreciate the beauty of East Lake. "Thanks to the 7th CISM Military World Games, Wuhan has accelerated the development of water sports which are open to the public."

The reporter of Changjiang Daily found on the Mid-lake Island of East Lake that the East Lake Sailing Base, which was opened in October 2018, has more than 100 berths where some sailboats are moored and the sails are in the distance. The Base, the largest one among internal lakes nationwide, is designed to match the Olympic standards. It is located in the world-class urban green heart and the 5A scenic spot. Temporary facilities for the events will be demolished after the Games, but the main building fits well with the surrounding natural landscape.

Li Donghui, a deputy to the Municipal People's Congress, said that as one of the main venues of the Games, East Lake will host marathons, cycling, open water, sailing and other events. After the Games, Wuhan will continue to build the brand of “East Lake International Regatta.” Meanwhile, it will increase engagement of citizens, so that more citizens can apply for a sailing license locally and enjoy the fun of this fashion sport.

“More amateurs indicate more professional players. It can provide more outstanding professional athletes for the country.” Wang Shenshun said that in the 1990s, Wuhan had a professional sailing team which is now resuming the selection and training thanks to the Games. The big city Wuhan will be more modern and fashionable.

Blueprint: A bird's eye view of the East Lake Sailing Venue of the 7th CISM Military World Games