Students returning home get on the bus with the mascot Bingbing. 

“I’m so happy that Bingbing walked me to the bus!” On the afternoon of January 10, Tu Yingjie, a student of Wuhan Business University (WBU) took a photo with Bingbing, mascot of the 7th CISM Military World Games and then got on the bus to Wuhan Railway Station with Bingbing Gift Packs.

Bingbing sees off the bus carrying the students returning home.

At 2:00 pm on January 10, three buses marked with “Bingbing Taking You Home,” started on WBU campus, carrying nearly 100 students to Wuhan and Hankou railway stations to go back home for winter vacation. Students sat in comfortable and warm buses and waved goodbye to Bingbing, university authorities and teachers.

A month ago, WBU issued a notice on the activity of “Bingbing Taking You Home” on its official website, Weibo and WeChat: the university would arrange buses to send the students to Wuhan Railway Station and Hankou Railway Station to go back home by train. The activity was so popular with the students that it was hard to get a seat.

Wang Qiang, a student of the International School of Equestrian of the School of Physical Education, waited for the bus one hour ahead and said, “I’m here for Bingbing. I live in Yichang, not far from here. But this time Bingbing sees us off. I just want to go to the scene and interact with Bingbing.”

 “I couldn’t believe it when the official Weibo informed me that I was chosen. I heard that Bingbing would see us off. It’s really very lucky,” said Tu Yingjie, a student of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

When waiting for the buses, the mascot Bingbing was sought after by the teachers and students on the scene. Although it was cold and rainy, many students took photos with Bingbing. Then they shared photos on Moments and gained a lot of likes and envy.

Bingbing Gift Packs prepared for the students.

WBU has also prepared Bingbing Gift Packs for students who take the bus. There are more than ten gifts, including the 7th CISM Military World Games brochure, Bingbing cartoon board, the desk calendar which is made up of 12 WBU campus sceneries, and the spring festival couplets.

"It’s really stunned to see so many gifts. The brochure and the Bingbing cartoon board are really the best gifts. My hometown is in Guizhou. I’ll tell my parents and classmates about the Games and Bingbing after getting home,” said Zhu Jiajia, a student of the Foreign Language School.

On the scene, Lyu Zhiwei, a student of the School of Electromechanical Engineering and Automotive Services, took a photo of the Gift Packs he received and sent it to his friend studying at a university in another city. “I feel satisfied that I can take photos with Bingbing. However, I didn’t expect that I can also get the Bingbing Gift Packs.”

 “I’m a senior now, so I’m unqualified to be the volunteer of the Games. This activity of “Bingbing Taking You Home” will be an unforgettable memory in my university days,” said Huang Yong, a student of the International School of Equestrian. He will start internship in the next semester, but he said he will return to school when the Games open in October this year.

The official Weibo of WBU also gave live broadcasting about the whole activity. Many of the students who took the bus also shared their photos with Bingbing and expressed their joy. @哆啦A梦 posted on Weibo saying that “Bingbing is very manly. The hug between Bingbing and I will warm my whole vocation.” @xuniuan posted that “I’m grateful to the university for organizing such an activity of ‘Bingbing Taking You Home’ and choosing me. I have received the Gift Packs. Love Bingbing.”

On the same day, WBU authorities came to the scene and interacted with the students. The authorities asked some questions about the 7th CISM Military World Games on the scene and sent the dolls of Bingbing to the students who took the lead in answering the questions correctly.

Bingbing and teachers see off the students.

WBU is the venue for Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon of the Games. The competition venue has been completed acceptance and 29 racing horses for Equestrian have arrived at the university. The university has produced 128 pole banners and 300 brochures for the Games to widely promote the Games among teachers and students. It also established the Promotion Group for the Games to publicize the knowledge about the Games for teachers and students as well as the surrounding communities. This activity of “Bingbing Taking You Home” will allow the students to promote the Games to more places.