Seventeen foreign friends from six countries, together with 40 Wuhan citizens, welcomed the new year at the Yellow Crane Tower on Jan. 1, 2019. Three of their Spring Festival couplets were chosen as the best ones, and were given a Chinese character "福 " written by calligraphy masters as a new year's gift.

As a student having studied Higher Education Research in Wuhan for two and a half years, William Sandy expressed his excitement about celebrating the new year in this way. "I love traditional Chinese culture. Besides calligraphy, I have also learned a little about Chinese classical musical instruments, such as the guzheng and the pipa." William wrote the characters "印尼武汉" on his paper to express the notion of everlasting friendship between Indonesia and China.

"It's an opportunity for us to meet new people and to enjoy unity and fellowship. It's really a fun way to start the new year," said Judith from the U.S. of her first new year's activity in Wuhan. Speaking of her expression of the city, she gave a thumbs-up to Wuhan's preparations for the 7th CISM World Games. As her uncle is a retired soldier, Judith has a special feeling for the event. She wrote the characters, "军运," on her paper and said, "I am looking forward to the CISM World Games in Wuhan this year."