The racehorses pose for a group photo

On the afternoon of January 11, the 29 racehorses at the Wuhan Business University walked out the stable to participate in the "training" ceremony held at the university. The racehorses, that will be used for Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon at the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), arrived in Wuhan by plane from Europe on December 11 last year. They have safely passed the one-month adaptive phase at the Wuhan Business University.

The racehorses, purchased from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries, are mild-tempered European warmbloods. They cooperate with the riders in equestrian performances and can perform many stunts. Presently, the horses are between 7 and 13 years old, the best ages for competition. They average 170 cm in height with the head height of more than 200 cm. Their jumping height is more than 1.3 meters.

According to the International School of Equestrian of the School of Physical Education, the 29 racehorses received basic training by professionals during the one-month stay at the Wuhan Business University. In the training phase, besides daily basic training, test competitions will be organized as well to ensure their competitiveness.

To ensure proper raising and training, the racehorses were specially looked after by a "horse team" consisting of professional horse workers, coaches, foreign jockeys and veterinarians, who, during the one-month adaptive phase, “lived” together with the racehorses. The staff members worked from 6 in the morning till 9 in the evening. Two to three nightshifts were also arranged every day for night inspection.

The stable shower room with bath lamps

Zhang Liang, a teacher at the International School of Equestrian, said, "These horses enjoy 'superstar' treatment. They have four nutrition meals a day of scientifically collocated hay as the staple, concentrate as the supplement, and carrots and fruits as the 'snacks'."

Besides, the racehorses also receive special services such as bathing, massaging, nursing, hair trimmings, etc. The stable is equipped with hot lamps, which according to the staff member, are similar to bathroom lamps. “The horses are wet after bathing, and the lamps are to dry and relax them. The bathing equipment in the stable coupled with lamps is excellent.”

The mild No. 15

When asked about the horses’ “personalities”, the staff member caressed a horse and said, “This is No. 15. It is mild and shy, just like a little girl. It is also very friendly to people.”

Racehorses getting ready for competitions

It is said that, the equestrian competition venue at the Wuhan Business University was approved and accepted by the International Equestrian Federation last December. Professional raising and training teams have moved in and started working ahead of schedule. Hadatie, the Head Coach, once went to Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia to buy forage for horses.