The 4th Lantern Fair of the 2019 Wuhan International Garden Expo coincided with the Hankouli Temple Fair. The Lantern Fair, with the theme of "Dazzling Lanterns Welcome the CISM World Games," opened on January 11, and will last till February 28.

The Lantern Fair has more than 100 sets of colorful lanterns centered around eight themes, featuring major events such as the Spring Festival, the 7th CISM Military World Games in 2019, and the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC, as well as cartoon animals, river basins, etc.

To showcase the picturesque city and promote public awareness of the 7th CWG, the Expo organizers teamed up with the Wuhan Executive Commission to make a series of the 7th CWG-themed lanterns, such as the 7th CWG is Coming, Hello, Bingbing, Road to a Strong Army, Bayi Team, Crack Shot, Aircraft Carriers, and so on. According to Yang Xuan who is in charge of the Lantern Fair that tourists at the Fair can both learn about the CISM World Games slogans and mascots and watch the 7th CWG publicity films. They can also have fun by taking part in "simulated shooting" and other events related to the 7th CWG.

“Spring Festival” is an eternal theme of lantern fairs. Special lantern sets featuring many Spring Festival customs and traditional folk festivals are on display at the Lantern Fair this year, such as Arhats, Family Names, Spring Festival Paintings, Lucky Greetings, Blessing Hangings, as well as Longevity, Lucky New Year, and Great Fortunes, and so on.

The Float Parade, which is new this year, will be synchronized with the water curtain laser film and musical fountain at the Fair, depicting a colorful scene against the nightfall. The Hankouli Temple Fair, which takes place simultaneously, will feature performances by folk artists and other folk activities such as dragon and lion dances, lotus boats, traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies, and so on.

The Wuhan International Garden Expo is an important cultural event of the city during the Spring Festival. Since its inauguration in 2016, it has become well-known for its scale, tour line and richness in content and activities. People flock here to view the displays every year.