On January 17, at the South-central University for Nationalities in Wuhan, Yang Wenju, a student of Lahu ethnic group was busy preparing both for the final exam and for the online assessment of volunteers for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG). She said, "It would be very lucky to be a volunteer at the 7th CISM World Games, representing my ethnic group."

Yang Wenju is a member of the volunteer group for the Games, which is under recruitment by South-central University for Nationalities. According to information obtained from the University, the University plans to set up a volunteer group comprising of students from the 56 ethnic groups to provide support for the Games. Presently, 31 students have completed the training and are preparing for the assessment, while another 25 students will be registering next month through the online Games registration system. The group will provide voluntary services at the Games to be held in October this year, representing the 56 ethnic groups of China.

Four truly outstanding winners

Last June, the Games launched a campaign to recruit over 12,000 volunteers from 34 universities in Wuhan. A total of 316 students from South-central University for Nationalities signed up for the first batch of volunteers. To demonstrate the characteristics of a university for nationalities while giving the students of the ethnic minorities a chance to demonstrate their special skills and friendliness and the best wishes of the 56 ethnic groups for the Games, South-central University for Nationalities decided to set up a volunteer group comprising of students from the 56 ethnic groups of China.

According to the officials of the Youth League Committee of the University, students from various ethnic groups have been actively participating in various volunteer service activities in recent years. However, it is a first for the University that students of the 56 ethnic groups will serve as volunteers for such a large-scale comprehensive sports event.

The university volunteer group was selected through the assessment of the participants’ foreign language ability, image and temperament, professional expertise, volunteer service experience and other qualifications. Close to 800 students of ethnic minority background signed up during the promotion phase. In the interviews, the students showcased their abilities in ethnic language, dancing and singing in an effort to demonstrate their passion to contribute their skills and wisdom for the Games.

Among the participants, the reporter noticed that four selected students are of the Oroqen, Dulong, Hezhe and Tatar ethnic groups respectively. According to the Sixth China Population Census, the total population of these ethnic groups was less than 10,000 each. The four selected students are truly outstanding, and are literally the “one of ten thousand”.

It is understood that most of the volunteers are sophomores, while a few are juniors and two are freshmen. Nearly 80% of the participants are female, mainly studying liberal arts majors such as Chinese, journalism, foreign languages, economics, education, management, and law, as well as some in science and engineering majors such as chemical materials, resources and environment.

A talented and experienced student

It was learnt that since the establishment of the volunteer group of the South-central University for Nationalities, some of the members have already participated in various voluntary activities such as "Join the 7th CWG" University Promo, Promoting the 7th CWG in Primary Schools, and Promoting Intellectual Wuhan, and so on, which had been highly appreciated.

Yang Wenju, a Lahu from Puer, Yunnan Province, is a talented and versatile student of the College of Resources and Environmental Science of South-central University for Nationalities. She once went to Sri Lanka and worked as a volunteer in community development and turtle protection. She is the lead singer and piano player of a pop band and is a music star on campus. She wrote several original songs which are published on well-known online domestic musical platforms.

Yang Wenju said that there were only a few Lahu students in the University, and she was very lucky to be a volunteer for the 7th CWG representing her ethnic group.