(Reporter: Wan Jianhui, Correspondent: Liu Xiong) On Jan. 22, the construction of the lower-line pylon at Huangjiahu Avenue in Jiangxia District that would last five days started. After the high-voltage line was buried in the ground, more than 90 base stations near Huangjia Lake will be dismantled, and the “spider web” high in the sky will be spotted nowhere. A two-way 8-lane street up to 100 meters wide will be constructed.

On Jan. 22, at the intersection of Xingyuanchangjie Street and Huangjiahu Avenue in the Jiangxia Bridge, the lower-line pylon is being slowly hoisted.

At present, the indoor fine decoration of 30 apartment buildings for athletes has been basically completed, the construction of supporting facilities such as gardens, water supply facilities, electricity supply facilities and basements in the village is winding up, and the construction of main structure of function rooms such as the office building of the Village Committee, Welcome Center and Medical Center, as well as the foundation of the Athletes' Restaurant and staff restaurant is also near the end.

Under the premise of adhering to the bottom line of safety, quality and integrity, the construction of intelligent informatization hardware for the main building, landscaping, security and stability maintenance, software services of the Athletes’ Village, as well as the Triathlon and Orienteering may be completed on schedule to ensure the simultaneous completion and delivery of the Athletes’ Village at the end of April.

The latest interior of the Athletes’ Village.

The comprehensive environmental improvement outside the Athletes’ Village is a large-scale systematical project. The government of Jiangxia District make every effort to win this "tough battle". By combining "Running the Event" with "Building the City", great efforts are made to improve the environment surrounding stations, lines, construction sites, railways and rivers, and achieve road cleanness, facade beautification, landscape lighting, water purification and ecological greening. At present, the road upgrading, greening improvement, facade development, and landscape lighting and other projects of 22 supporting lines are being carried out in an orderly manner. A total of more than 4,000 large-column advertisements and illegal advertisements have been removed.

The latest exterior of the Athletes’ Village.

At the same time, the Athletes’ Village Operation & Management Committee and the various operational service centers, which are mainly composed of people from Jiangxia District, are actively preparing for the operation and management of the Athletes’ Village in strict accordance with the time nodes to promote the organization preparation for and implementation of the Athletes’ Village’s operation project during the competition. At present, the selection of food and beverage material base, the customized procurement of athletes' apartment furniture, the pick-up of accommodation service operators, the development of military transport village information software system, as well as the preparation for related security, medical care, information and communication, transportation and electricity, conference reception and other work are also in a tense but orderly way.

In order to successfully complete the tasks of hardware construction and operation & management of the Athletes’ Village, the government of Jiangxia District has transferred more than 100 civil servants, professional and technical backbones from various professions and posts, including more than 30 newly-appointed military cadres who have undertaken the overall operation including planning, organizing, scheduling, food and catering, logistics, warehousing and other logistics preparation in the Athletes’ Village.