“After the reconstruction of the venue, the surrounding area will also be bright and green. When the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) open in October this year, the global audience will be able to witness this beautiful stadium with us,” delightfully said Mr. Tian, a citizen outside the main stadium of Wuhan Sports Center on January 25.

On the same day, the reporter came to the Wuhan Sports Center to investigate on the current situation of comprehensive reconstruction of Wuhan Sports Center. Wu Zhifeng, the person in charge of the venue construction, told the reporter that the project is nearly finished and all construction will be completed in this April as scheduled. At present, the relevant departments are working hard to implement the water and electricity security plan within the venue, and the temporary building has also entered the stage of program demonstration.

The reporter saw here that the construction site was intense and orderly. The corridor with Chu style was unveiled. The interior decoration started being revealed, and the construction workers were using environment-friendly paint to refresh the facade.

“The main structure of the main stadium has already been rebuilt, and we are redecorating it and adjusting its internal equipment,” Wu Zhifeng told the reporter.

After the transformation, the Wuhan Sports Center will be the place to hold the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, and such events as track and field, women’s volleyball, swimming and diving will be held here.

According to reports, the main stadium of Wuhan Sports Center is currently the first large-scale stadium in China to be partly demolished and rebuilt. “This is much more difficult than to build a new one.” The difficulty was to dismantle the original beams without changing the main structural columns. To this end, the designer CADI (CITIC General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd.) at that time formulated a transformation plan through scientific verification, and the constructor China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Co., Ltd. learned and carried forward the military spirit, and overcame difficulties to ensure that the construction quality of this project can reach a high standard.

According to the project manager Lan Hegang, due to the reason that the main stadium was constructed a long time ago, young construction workers do not know the internal structure of its support columns well. Besides, it takes a long time to use high-tech means to detect it. Before entering the stadium, the project department specially consulted the company's predecessors who participated in the construction of the stadium, and then simulated the process of installing the beams on the computer through BIM technology, thus saving nearly two months for the tight construction schedule. He revealed that the project department responsible for the entire project has mobilized a construction team comprising more than 500 workers. Recently, they have been working overtime for a long time. They even plan to stay in Wuhan and continue to work during the Spring Festival.

“We are determined to build a quality project as fine as the ‘Bird's Nest’.” Wu Zhifeng introduced that before the start of this project in 2015, the team made a special trip to Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao and other places to study. The welcome room, reception room, and meeting room of the main stadium was built according to the specifications and standards of the G20 Summit, which embodies both the Chinese culture and Jing-Chu charm.

It is said that in conjunction with this transformation, Wuhan Sports Center attaches great importance to and fully considers the post-event use, accomplishing a high-standard engineering quality control.

He revealed that after the 7th CWG, the main stadium of Wuhan Sports Center, in addition to holding large-scale sports events and theatrical performances, will also increase the stadium’s operation assets. They will also improve asset utilization efficiency and make more profits through conducting market-oriented business operations such as international conferences and exhibitions to achieve self-balance. “Enterprises will enhance the overall function of the main stadium by taking advantages of the Games, and will realize the trinity business goal of serving the locality, improving people’s livelihood and seeking their own development.”  (Reporter: WAN Ling)