Programs of Wuhan Spring Festival Cultural Tourism Carnival Published
Release time:2019-02-12 10:27:54    Source:7th CISM World Gamesfont-size:AAA

A cultural tourism banquet will kick off during the Spring Festival. On January 28, Wuhan Culture and Tourism Bureau published the “Programs of 2019 Wuhan Spring Festival Cultural Tourism Carnival”. Over 60 cultural tourism activities will allow citizens and tourists experience the distinctive Spring Festival in Wuhan.

The Programs cover seven parts, i.e. Cultural Tourism, Romantic Flower Appreciation, Brilliant Festival Lanterns, Cultural Banquet, Urban Travel, Intangible Heritages and Customs, and Wuhan-style Food, and include various theme activities such as Lantern Show at International Garden Expo and East Lake, New Year Painting, Countryside Customs, and “Wuhan-style” Food.

Then, how to expand a pleasant and economical journey in these activities? During the Spring Festival, citizens can benefit from cultural resources in Wuhan. Between February 5 and 29, Wuhan Culture and Tourism Bureau will send citizens 200,000 free tickets to cultural tourism destinations. Relevant scenic spots include the iconic Yellow Crane Tower and East Lake Plum Garden, the paradises for kids such as Ocean Park and Happy Valley, and the beautiful countryside scenic spots such as Mulan Mountain, and Mulan Great Lake. The free tickets will be reserved online with real names through the Official WeChat Account “Wuhan Tourism Committee”.