At present, the indoor fine decoration of the Athletes Apartment Building in the Athletes Village has been basically completed.

(Reporter Wang Qian, Chen Jingru, Correspondent Li Jingwei) Recently, Changjiang Daily reporter visited the Athletes Apartment Building in the Athletes’ Village beside Huangjia Lake. The 30 gray and white Athletes Apartment Buildings, higher or lower, are scattered in certain order, reflecting the Jingchu style and the elements of Jiangxia residence, which are particularly conspicuous.

The reporter came to a well-decorated apartment model room. The door lock of the apartment is equipped with fingerprint and password unlocking functions. When entering, a spacious and bright square living room is in sight. It is simple but connotative in overall design. A wooden dining table and chairs are placed in the hall as an exchange living room, and yellow wooden bed is arranged in the bedroom.

Since the construction of the Athletes Apartment Building Project in February 2017, numerous buildings have sprung up in this piece of yellow land which was thus transformed into a "modern city”. The Athletes’ Village covers an area of 417.7 mu, and is divided into four areas, namely, residential area, public area, logistics area and operation area, containing the Athletes' Apartments, Welcome Centers, Medical Service Centers, restaurants, commercial streets and other facilities.

The Athlete Apartment can provide nearly 2,000 apartments to meet the living needs of about 10, 000 members of the participating delegation, according to the relevant person in charge of the construction from CSCEC. At present, the interior decoration of the athletes' apartment has been basically completed, and the construction of supporting facilities such as gardens, water, electricity, and basements in the village is being completed, and the whole project will be completed in April this year.

"The interior decoration of the apartment takes into account the needs and living habits of athletes from different countries, and reception norms, per capita living space and supporting facilities are all referred to the Olympic standards. Guo Fang, project manager of Baoli Jinxia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., said that the apartment was constructed with environment-friendly materials. The rooms are all equipped with floor heating, central air conditioning, and 24-hour gas and hot water.

The apartment also has a lot of humanized designs. The floor height and door frame are higher than those of the ordinary houses. According to the working staff, because most of the athletes are taller than ordinary people, in order to facilitate the athletes to enter and leave, the rooms were specially designed with greater space inside. The floor height is 3.1 meters inside, and the door frame is 2.34 meters high, which is 24 centimeters taller than a standard house.

In addition, the stepless threshold of the apartment makes it easy for wheelchairs to enter and leave, making it convenient for disabled athletes to live in. Each double bedroom also offers an extended single bed for tall athletes. The accommodation services will be provided according to the star hotel standard, and a total of 8 kinds of room types have been designed for athletes.

Each apartment has a large south-facing balcony with a wide view. The 30 apartments have a minimum of 8 floors and a maximum of 32 floors, with floors designed from low to high from South to North to ensure that each building provides a view of the lake. It is reported that after the CISM World Games, these Athletes Apartment buildings will be sold as commercial housing.