(Correspondent Wan Jianhui) On August 9, 2018, the Organizing Committee of the 7th CISM World Games (SUMOC) sent an invitation letter to 138 Member States of the International Military Sports Council (CISM), enclosing registration, consultation E-mail address and consultation telephone number. As of 31 January, a total of 510 registration and consultation E-mails had been sent by Member States of CISM.

Registration for the 7th CISM World Games is conducted at three periods. The deadline for registration is October 18, 2018, January 18, 2019 and July 18, 2019, the first of which was registered through the mailbox provided in the invitation letter. The second and third registration will be registered through the online "Competition Registration and Registration Management System". The invitation letter contained the official website of the CISM, on which there is a link to the "Competition Registration and Registration Management System". Each Member State can log on to the registration system by opening the official website of the CISM and fill in relevant forms for registration.

The Staff from CMD of the Executive Commission of the CISM are Dealing with the Mails.

On January 31, the reporter learned from the Competition Dept. (CMD) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Executive Commission of the CISM, which is responsible for receiving applications from various countries and websites, that 480 e-mails have been received in the application mailbox published in the invitation letter for registration and consultation, and 30 e-mails have been received from the "Competition Registration and Registration Management System" at present.

By the end of the first registration time, 10,049 persons from 93 countries have registered for the 7th Wuhan CISM World Games, including 9,122 athletes and officials, 389 referees and 172 journalists. At present, another six countries including Argentina, Nepal, Georgia, Bahrain, Pakistan and Ecuador have also signed up.

The person from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Executive Commission of the CISM who’s responsible for receiving registration and consultation emails told the reporter that there have been many consultation calls from Member States, some of which have communicated by mail. A full-time staff and seven volunteers are responsible for handling consultation E-mails.

Military Games Online Registration and Registration System Page.

According to the responsible person, in addition to the registration emails, most of the 480 emails enquired about competitions, registration, and so on. There are also inquiries about flight information and pre-competition visits. There were even two personal emails from Venezuela and the United Kingdom, who sent resumes applying to participate in the preparation for the CISM and event service, accompanied by the certification of their participation in the World Cup in Brazil and the Rio Olympic Games. The staff replied that the first open recruitment of the Wuhan Executive Commission had ended, and they could pay attention to the official website of CISM and the available recruitment announcements.

When the first registration was closed on October 18, 2018, the second registration began, and the "Competition Registration and Registration Management System" was launched on the official website of the CISM. The consultation mailbox left on the system has so far received 30 consultation E-mails. The relevant person of CMD in the Executive Commission of the CISM, who is responsible for the management of the system, said that they mainly consult on how to operate on the "Competition Registration and Registration Management System," and also ask questions about competition events and the items for disabled athletes and ball events registration rules etc.

According to reports, the third registration will be carried out between April 18 and July 18, 2019 and the relevant entry information will be with the most details. The athletes to be registered will complete the identity registration and fill in the basic information such as name, age, nationality, passport, military personnel or not, and so on. And photos in Military Uniforms are also required. There are also coaches, referees, doctors, media and authorities’ registration, entries and the identification of athletes for each event. Relevant responsible persons said that the registration process will be more complex, and the volume of consultation mail is expected to increase. Wuhan Executive Commission will increase manpower to make a desirable response and communication work.