(Reporter: Wan Jianhui; Correspondent: Zhu Chenqian) Zhu Jiajia, a 2017 student of the Tourism Japanese Department, Wuhan Business University, is spending his winter vacation at home—Huajiang Town, Guanling County, Anshun of Guizhou Province. Before the Spring Festival, he shares with his relatives and neighbors the brochures of the 7th CISM World Games, the mascot Bingbing as well as his pleasure with the incoming Games in Wuhan. 

Wuhan Business University is the venue of Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon. Before the winter vacation, the University formed a team of conveyers to help publicity campaigns of the Games. The 53 members, after going through application, written exam and interview processes, are eligible to give lectures on the campus and adjacent neighborhoods. Some members even work at their hometowns during the winter vacation.        

In June 2018, Zhu Jiajia became one of the 300 volunteers of the University. Right before his winter vacation, he joined the team of conveyers.

Jiajia brought home a package from the University, comprising brochures, the mascot and some other promotion materials. “The University is ready to greet the Games, and we need to introduce the Games to our hometowns.” He shares information and stories about the Games with every one of his friends.   

“Some neighbors and relatives are interested. I also share with my friends via WeChat Moments and QQ Zone. My concern now is how to make it interesting.” says Jiajia.

Qu Xiaodong, a 2018 student of the University, is doing the same in Yichang of Hubei Province. He brings home and disseminates the brochures in his winter vacation. Having heard his lecture, one of his neighbors said he’d like to visit Wuhan during the Games.

Xiaodong is taking a part-time job in a hotel. He takes the opportunity to mention the Games to customers, show them the brochures and introduce the international-level Wuhan Business University Equestrian Venue.