(Correspondent: Luo Hong, Yangxuan, Xu Zhigang) On lunar January 2 during the Spring Festival, Wuhan Garden Expo celebrated the 2019 Lantern Fair themed "Lighting the Lantern Festival and Celebrating the Year of the CISM". The event, together with the enthusiasm and wisdom of Wuhan, were presented via the three News Programs of CCTV to all around China. The 7th CISM World Games and its talented and cute mascot "Bingbing" added new charms to the traditional Chinese culture and folk activities in the Spring Festival.

The fourth Lantern Fair of the 2019 Wuhan Garden Expo, which was inaugurated in mid-January, included the eight theme lantern groups to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Of them, the 2019 CISM lanterns are themed the Arrival of the CISM, Hello Bingbing, the Road to Strengthening the Army, Bayi Battalion, Hundred Rounds, Aircraft Carriers and more CISM elements.

In the evening of lunar January 2, the CCTV Feature reporters and live broadcast technicians came to Wuhan Garden Expo and reported the joys in the city of Wuhan respectively via "Focus On" at 18:00 PM, "XINWEN LIANBO" at 19:00 PM and "Oriental Horizon" at 20:00 PM.

The reporter was amazed by the huge number of Lantern Festival visitors who were interested in the particular local traditions. The CISM lanterns were undoubtedly the most eye-catching. Many visitors couldn’t wait to take pictures with "Bingbing" and more CISM elements, making the Garden a place of flash lights, camera clicks and laughter.

Many visitors were so fascinated by a group of "Bingbing" lanterns that “danced” in the air. They even stopped the performers to take photos. The lanterns, made by famous folk handicraft master in Wuhan and the inheritor of ICH in Hubei Province Liu Niba for the event, together with other works of Hot Dry Noodles, Rice and Meat Pancake, Salty Doughnut, New Year's Picture Maze, Laser Fountain Show, etc. surprised all Chinese who sat in front of TV screens at the night.