“Every time after training, necessary maintenance shall be performed in the Horse Riding Sports Park, such as leveling the ground and watering the sand, and the humidity of the sand should meet the professional requirements to avoid dust blowing and protect the hooves,” said Mr. Xia Yunjian, Dean of the International School of Equestrian of the School of Physical Education, Wuhan Business University, on Feb. 16.

After the completion of the Horse Riding Sports Park, swimming pool and gymnasium last year, the International School of Equestrian of the School of Physical Education has taken over the administration of the three major venues from the school’s Infrastructure Office. Through public bidding, Wuhan Business University employed two professional service management teams - a professional property management team is responsible for the daily maintenance of the three venues, and a technical support team is responsible for the horse breeding and training.

“The three venues are built under the concept of high starting point, high standards and high quality. So, there must be no sloppiness in management,” said Xia Yunjian.

It’s reported that the swimming pool equipment such as the circulating water disinfection mechanism and the electronic screen are inspected and maintained by professionals; the main stadium of the Horse Riding Sports Park and the stable area are cleaned every day, with detailed hygiene requirements being incorporated in the contract. In addition, the equipment for Equine Hospital will be installed and tested after the school starts.   

Compared with the maintenance to the “immovable properties” of the 7th CISM WG, such as the Horse Riding Sports Park and the swimming pool, the “movable equipment” for the horse racing are even harder to care for. “According to the requirements, the average height of horse is 1.7 meter and the height of hop is more than 1.3 meter. After the horses being purchased from Europe, the horse technical support team must ensure that the horses maintain the height and their height of hop during the breeding and training, any height changes in either physical or leaping ability are not acceptable, which makes the team members very stressed,” said Xia Yunjian. (Reporter Cai Muzi, Changjiang Daily)