(Report by Wan Jianhui, Photo by Li Wei) Over the green field, a giant electronic screen is playing a promo for the 7th CISM World Games; the 30,000 seats of yellow and brown colors in the shape of a ribbon chime with ribbons on the outside walls of the stadium; under the bright ceiling lights, dynamic music resonates over the football field, under the steel-structured dome, and in every corner of the auditorium…

On the afternoon of Feb. 22, I paid a visit to the Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center Stadium, one of the football match venues of the Games, when the staff members were debugging the lighting and sound system of the Center to make final preparations for the Chinese Super League matches, which will start on March 1. This is the first venue put into use of all the venues of the Games.

It is understood that on February 21, the stadium was examined and accepted by the Chinese Football Association for holding the matches of the Chinese Super League. On the night, the Public Security Sub-bureau of Dongxihu District held a safety drill in the stadium.

As per the arrangements of the Chinese Football Association, 15 Chinese Super League matches among 16 teams will be played here between March and December this year. This will accumulate experience in facilities support, competition organization and so on, which will be helpful for the football matches of the Games to be held here in the middle and late October this year.

The Games will feature 35 venues and facilities, of which 13 are new facilities, 17 are to be maintained and renovated, and 5 are temporary facilities. Five Rings Sports Center is the largest new venue among all the 35 venues and facilities.

Located in the north of Wujiashan, Dongxihu District, the Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center consists of stadiums, gymnasiums and swimming pools, covering a total area of 207 mu. The construction of the venue started in April 2017. It will undertake many events of the Games, including the semi-finals and finals of men's football, as well as table tennis and water life-saving.

It can be seen from the periphery of the stadium that the stadium stands in the middle while the gymnasium and swimming pool are on the sides. The three buildings all face north across from Lingyun Road and Dongxihu Cultural Center which is under construction. In the front square stands a big board of a blue background with "The 7th CISM World Games, Wuhan, China". Above the main entrance of the stadium is the name "Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center", and in front is the Olympic Five Rings symbol.

Inside Door No. 4, bright lights and lively music fill the stadium. The staff members are cleaning the audience seats, and a crane extends its long arm to clean the plastic films of the steel-structured roof, while desks and chairs are being laid on the rostrum. The football field is neat and green, and the two goals have been netted.

From March to December this year, 15 Chinese Super League matches among 16 teams will be played here in the Five Rings Sports Center. Zall Football Club is very happy with the hardware and software conditions of the Center. Judging from the current ticketing situation, more than 20,000 spectators will be here to watch the first match of the Chinese Super League this year, which will start at 8:00 p.m. on March 1.