19 People Were Elected as the Outstanding Backbone Volunteers of the Year
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(Reporter Wan Ling, Correspondent Cai Qing) “We will do our best to serve the CISM World Games without expecting any reward,” said Liu Sihui, a student from Wuhan Business University at the exchange meeting of CISM backbone volunteers on Feb. 26. She is the representative of 2018 outstanding backbone volunteers, encouraging all the CISM volunteers to work hard together in her speech.

With 11 volunteers joining in the middle of this month, there are all together 73 backbone volunteers at present who work for the preparations for the Games. They are deeply involved in the routine organization, and provide volunteer services in a series of activities such as “Join the CISM World Games”. The Executive Committee of the Games fully recognizes their hard work. 19 people including Zhu Jingru and Chen Xinyi were elected as the outstanding backbone volunteers in 2018.

The vast majority of these backbone volunteers are students from colleges in Wuhan, and many of them also have a military background.

Chinese Students Studying in Japan Returned to Accumulate Experience to Serve the Tokyo Olympic Games

Among the 73 backbone volunteers, many are highly-educated elites with overseas education background, and 3 of them are members of the International Relations Class of the Executive Committee, who participate in the registration of CISM member states, mainly responsible for replying to mails and answering phone calls. Li Yabei is one of the locals. She returned to China to sign up as a backbone volunteer of the Games immediately after her graduation from Loughborough University in the UK at the end of last year. When she started work at the International Relations Class of the Executive Committee, she engaged in the reception of CISM officials who came to negotiate market development of the Games. Under the leadership of veteran backbone volunteers, she started from the most basic and detailed work, and learned a lot, which laid a foundation for her formal entry into the society.

Xia Tiancheng is studying in the Waseda University in Japan, and is currently working as a backbone volunteer during holidays. He said that he once was a caddie in the first Wuhan Open when he was a freshman at senior high school. While studying in Japan, he also participated in various social practices. At the end of last year, he applied to be a volunteer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. “The 7th CISM World Games is the first international multi-sports event held in my hometown. For me, it is more important”, he said. He is looking forward to recruiting the second batch of CISM Games volunteers. He wants to urge more young people to devote themselves to volunteering by setting himself as an example.

Bring Military Style into the Volunteer Service

Xie Jia, a representative of the first batch of backbone volunteers, was a soldier at the Ordnance NCO School of the Army Engineering University, and was honorably retired last year. In September 2017, Xie Jia got the CISM World Games Volunteer Express fortunately. In March 2018, he officially joined the Executive Committee of the Games. For the past year, he has successively participated in the volunteer services for “Wuhan Marathon”, Dragon Boat Competition of the CISM World Games Cup, promotion of volunteer-related work at local levels and the one-year-countdown gala. Many parties praised his hard work. Xie Jia said that the volunteering experiences has broadened his horizons and improved his profile. Next, he will devote himself to the preparations for the Games and constantly improve himself.

Another backbone volunteer Liu Sihui was a signaller before her retirement. She looks tender but persevering. She said that in March 2018, she failed to be elected as one of the first backbone volunteers, but was not discouraged thereafter. Instead, she was happy to join the reserve talent pool and finally became a backbone volunteer of the second batch. After taking up her post, she spent nearly three hours each time commuting between school and the Executive Committee, but she never came to work late and left early, and even worked overtime on urgent work.

Shi Wei, a demobilized cadre, was the “Star Backbone Volunteer” in December of last year. Born in 1970s, she was the elder sister of the volunteers. According to the regulations, the backbone volunteers only need to work for 2 days a week, but she insists on working for 5 days a week. Based on the eight-hour day working system, she has already worked for more than 1,400 hours since May of last year. She said that before the Spring Festival, the Volunteers Department of the Executive Committee brought backbone volunteers together to talk and party. She felt that they’re like family members.