(Reporter Zeng Han, Correspondents Ding Jie & Jiang Yu) A crane was lifting construction materials in the air. Workers were cleaning the steps in front of the new main venue intensely. “231 days countdown to the opening ceremony of the 7th CISM World Games and 30 days to completion and acceptance of the project” - read a particularly eye-catching electronic screen. On February 28th, a Changjiang Daily reporter saw a renovated magnificent main venue, as well as an auxiliary training center under construction, in a visit to Hongshan Gymnasium.

“The new training center has a simple and elegant façade of which the exterior walls are covered by aluminum panels and coated in mainly warm white. The overall shape looks light and is in harmony with the environment.” Chen Guangzhao, technical director of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., told the Changjiang Daily reporter that the main venue was expected to be completed and accepted by the end of March, and the auxiliary training center, by the end of April. By then, Hongshan Gymnasium will greet the 7th CISM World Games with a new look.

Having been open to the public for 33 years, Hongshan Gymnasium is the first large-scale and multi-functional sports venue in Hubei Province. Its main venue is completely refurbished in this reconstruction project, and the old training center is demolished and replaced by a new one. Before the reconstruction, the competition facilities and equipment in the main venue of Hongshan Gymnasium were seriously aged, and the exterior walls were in disrepair for years, with decorative materials and components breaking off and getting loosened, ground of the stands peeling off and cracking, and the ceilings aging and leaking.

“The exterior walls were coated with fluorocarbon paint which peeled off as time went on. Now, they are covered by aluminum panels over a span of more than 6,000 square meters. They look more beautiful and are more leak-proof and more practical,” said Chen Guangzhao. Walking into the gymnasium, the reporter of Changjiang Daily found that all the interiors, ceilings, seats and stands of the gymnasium have been replaced and that the floor was treated with a protective cover. The person in charge of field construction said that the reconstructed venue has the state-of-the-art fire protection system, electromechanical ventilation system, and intelligent system, which will greatly improve the competition organization efficiency.

It is learned that Hongshan Gymnasium, which is located at No. 1 Tiyuguan Road, Wuchang District, has 8,000 spectator seats and will serve as the venue for (men’s) basketball matches at the 7th CISM World Games.