The Second Batch of CISM WG Licensed Products Appeared in Chinese Style
Release time:2019-03-07 16:53:31    Source:7th CISM World Gamesfont-size:AAA

(Reporter Wan Ling, correspondent Jin Di) The Chinese doll “Bingbing” wearing Tang suit, badges with pattern of high-speed rail station, Han show theater, plum blossoms and chime... as the opening ceremony of CISM World Games drew near, a group of licensed products representing Chinese culture and Wuhan characteristics will go on sale for global buyers. On March6, Marketing Department of the Wuhan Executive Commission invited a group of journalists to feel the creativity and ingenuity of the designers at two newly-opened MWG Licensed Product Stores.

Licensed Products Embodying the Jing-chu Culture and Military Elements

According to the person in charge of the franchise (ticketing) in the Marketing Department of the Wuhan Executive Commission, they signed contracts with 8 licensed product manufacturers in the early stage after public solicitation and inspections. Many of these manufacturers have the qualification of licensed products design for large-scale sports events and activities, including the franchise retailer of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The design of MWG licensed products integrates Chinese style, Wuhan characteristics and military elements. The representative products include the Chinese doll “Bingbing” wearing Tang suit, badges with pattern of plum blossoms, chime, Wuhan dialect and local food, as well as commemorative “Golden Pen” inspired by “Sword of Goujian” and shaped in “Hanyang-made rifles”, all demonstrating the history and military culture of Wuhan and China.

Up to now, there are 7 categories of CISM licensed products available, with 153 products in total. 8 licensed product stores have been opened throughout the city. It is expected that two licensed product stores will be open at Xudong Shopping Mall and Hubei Provincial Museum within this month. At that time, the public can buy interesting badges with patterns of hot dry noodles, steamed dumplings, tofu skins and Chinese characters such as ”Manzhashi (solid)”, “Chabazi (sturdy)”, and “Xileshui (go to sleep after taking shower)” engraved.

The Wuhan Executive Commission will issue authorization certificates for licensed product stores. And the licensed products also have the world's cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting labels. The public can scan the labels through mobile phone to enter the CISM licensed product system to view the product number.

CISM Licensed Product Stores Will be Open in the First-tier Cities of China

At the franchise store in Tianhe Airport, the “Bingbing” series products designed by Wuhan Intangible Cultural Heritage Dissemination Co., Ltd. are very popular. In the recent products, the Chinese doll “Bingbing” has become the new favorite of the vast number of consumers. Colored in “Chinese red”, they seem very happy. Dresses of the dolls are decorated by landscapes, sea cliffs and auspicious clouds, with the plush hooks added to the edges of the costumes. The front placket is fitted with Chinese-style buckles. They have distinctive Chinese characteristics and auspiciousness.

In addition to toys, the journalists also saw other products such as ceramics and other handicrafts with Chinese characteristics, as well as “Bingbing” carved paper-cut suits, customized double-sided embroidery screens and rice paper embroidery sets, and carved paper-cut cards, all embodying the Jing-chu culture.

Wuhan Zusheng Trading Co., Ltd. is a licensed distributor of CISM World Games products. Zhou Jiawen, operation manager of the company, said that the Tianhe Airport franchise store has officially opened to passengers on January 28, 2019. Later, they will open counters at T3 terminal of the Airport. Now they are preparing for opening franchise stores at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun international Airport.

Tiger Tally in Qin Dynasty Come to the Fore during the Games

The Xinhua Bookstore in Guanggu Book City has four counters placing together. There are a series of mascot dolls named “Bingbing”, scarves, ties, and bullet-shaped pendants, and sets of flash memory devices prototyped in Hanyang-made rifle bullets and Tiger Tally in Qin Dynasty, as well as golden pen sets shaped in the Sword of Goujian, treasure of the Hubei Museum, and a business notebook with the cover painted with patterns of the Goujian sword.

Ms. Yang, a citizen, picked up a tiger tally-shaped flash memory device and found that the characters “The 7th CISM World Games” were engraved on it. “There are many types of goods. I like the doll ‘Bingbing’ most. Military fans may collect bullets and tiger-tally-shaped stationery.”

Chu Yongping, general manager of Shenzhen Jinyibai Art Co., Ltd. which designed and developed licensed products for large-scale international events such as Beijing 2008 Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, is now taking charge of designing, producing and selling licensed products with military theme and precious metals for the 7th CISM World Games. In a month after the products were on sales, more than 200 Hanyang-made bullets and Tiger Tally suits were sold. Next, they will open four more franchise stores in Beijing, Wuhan, and Xiangyang, and entrust China Post to open up new sales channels.