A group of Frenchmen who feall in love with life in Wuhan compiled a guidebook, WUHAN & SES ALENTOURS, to introduce the city to their French friends.

In the book, they listed the latest and most complete information about the way of life in Wuhan, including its museums, bridges, Han Street, East Lake, Yellow Crane Tower, Qintai Grand Theatre, various foods, folk customs and so on.

Caroline is one of the people in charge of the Ginkgo Garden Club. She and her husband François Trochu have worked in Wuhan for six years. As two hiking enthusiasts, they have walked nearly every street and lane in Wuhan, and have tried to learn more about the local customs.

Along with a group of French who have lived in Wuhan for some time, they formed a club named Yinxinyuan and planned to introduce their beloved city to more people to help them know more about Wuhan.

According to Marine Royere, one of the compilers, Wuhan is a modern metropolis, which has been carrying forward Chinese culture and Oriental civilization in its unique way. However, many French people often do not know much about the city.

This guidebook was first published in 2010, and updated three times in 2013, 2015 and 2019, which witnesses the friendly exchanges between Wuhan and France.